Polluted And Compromised Science

Some articles you should be aware of.

Separate physics courses for minorities at Stanford.

The unintended or even predictable consequences of this should be interesting.


Once again, the progressive left misrepresent the arguments made about Greta Thunberg. It's less about her and more about her dealing with Asperger Syndrome and the impression that her parents are taking advantage of hereto push out their own climate change agenda.

It has nothing to do with misogyny or other usual and tiresome assertions designed to detract from the argument made.

It does smell as though it's all carefully planned.

Is it child abuse? To me, it looks likes it. You psychologically scare kids about climate while using them as politics pawns in an adult world?

Yeh. Not good.


You know. At this point, if you're still using '97% consensus' as pat of your argument to defend man made climate change, you really need to be more curious.

What fascinates me about this is a) it has long been challenged that the consensus is even reliable and b) is how they talk as if 97% consensus is a permanently fixed figure. As if people's minds can't change and c) how they got away with misrepresenting the work of some of the scientists in their claim.

More details here as CEI is asking NASA to take down the claim from its website.

That NASA is peddling this nonsense is somewhat problematic if not downright bizarre.

The claim at this point is just plain irrelevant anyway. Always was.


Michael Mann is hiding some data. Dude sues for libel and then refuses to produce the documents that could put it all to rest.

What's he hiding?

The Hockey Stick theory has gone the way of the DoDo bird and 97% consensus it has been that thoroughly challenged and debunked.


Too many white people.

Remember. Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar.

I know. Makes you wonder.

Remember also. They're obsessed with gender and race. The side that says there's no such thing as biological gender simultaneously believe there's an oppressive patriarchy.

Their logic is filled with so much sophistry and as many fallacies, it's impossible to follow or rebut.

This NPR article could be featured in the 'Fall of the West.' instalment.

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