Despite His Clown World Behaviour, Trudeau Still Hanging In

I just read that the Conservatives and Liberals are neck and neck in the polls - to the extent you can trust the polls.

Mind boggling despite all the dubious actions of one of the most incompetent, arrogant and ideological party yet in this country.

Leave aside the scandals (that have made democracy a joke here) and policies (that attack free speech and liberty). Just from a decent and moral angle, this PM has been a failure.

Just a couple of examples.

He admitted to groping a woman and his response was to drag everyone else down to his level claiming it was a teachable moment of the country.

More recently, he spun his blackface antics again into one where the country shares in his own stupidity citing we're a 'racialized' (whatever the fuck that means) country with many people who still feel marginalized in the face of overt and subjective racism.

Listening to this clown speak you'd think Canada was a shithole. Yet, at the same time, he says Canada is the 'best country in the world'.

His spinning sophistry is truly remarkable.

But there it is. Canadians still think he's fit to run this country.

Ah the shortcomings of democracy.

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