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I don't wade into the cess pool of mob madness that is Twitter voluntarily preferring instead to come across Tweets that I pick up from others.

For example....

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No, this is not a joke.

He was being serious.

I'm hardly what one would characterize as a weapons guy but I do own a shot gun, a pellet gun, a small hunter's knife and four different styles and sizes of Swiss Army knives.

I'll tackle the inanity of his bewildered stupidity in a second. 

First, it's simple. It's handy, normal and and perfectly legal to own such items despite the hysterical emotional narratives of the zeitgeist in the West. Boy Scouts and young kids - boy or girl - learn to use them responsibly at very young ages. 

It's good to be proficient with such devices in a free society. 

Second, pocket knives are incredibly useful. 

Third, women like men. Not emasculated cucks.

Which, every time I read something out of England, is what they've seemingly become. And Canada is not that far behind when we have a cuck supreme as head of the government at the moment. 

It's worth noting England is the place where they want to ban knives and in some cases police have been known to confiscate people's property which includes.....butter knives.

Laugh. But we're not far off from this mental, dystopian, pearl clutching behaviour.

The final point is notice how this person doesn't understand why a 17 year-old would need a pocket knife.

This mentality falls right in line with people who say 'why anyone needs a gun' or any other thing they don't have themselves.

It's a remarkably paternalistic and self-absorbed opinion to have.

People do and have all sorts of things for different reasons. 

It's why it's best to live and let live but nestled behind such opinions are nasty, nattering nannies who look to take away people's rights. Is there any doubt this guy doesn't support gun rights?

In short, live and let live and mind your own damn beeswax if don't understand why someone doesn't do something you don't like.

You have to beat these people back with a fricken house sweeper. 

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