Being GreenGreta

Ok. I mentioned I would impart my thoughts on Greta - aka Pipi Propagandastocking; aka GreenGreta; aka as Angry Scared Greta.

Let's leave aside the long history of the left using children in their schemes and scams from Hitler Youth (and this is how use an analogy) to Teachers Unions in contemporary times.

When all else fails, throw the kids into the mix and appeal to emotions. Obama did it when he tried to bring in gun control policy.

'Don't believe me! Believe these kids!"



Late last week I got an email from my daughter's school (a private and once proud Catholic school. Alas, the emphasis on the Catholic part has waned it would appear) notifying parents of the climate change protest organized by Greta Lundberg and her grimy, manipulative handlers.

My wife asked her if she was planning to go and she said 'no'. Her mother replied, 'Phew. Good. Your father wasn't going to let you go!'


Here's why.

To me, after reading a little backstory into this girl, she suffers from some serious mental disorders including OCD and Asperger Syndrome. As for the mental illness assertion, this is tricker. She described having selective mutism and depression (which included self-starving) but those could be coping mechanisms to the Asperger Syndrome and so we shouldn't be too flippant with claiming she has mental illness.

Not an easy combo to deal with. And apparently, her sister is also afflicted with severe mental disorders.

None of this, of course, excludes her from criticism since she chose to enter the public realm.

She, as per her own account, became frightened of the prospects of what climate change could do to earth and everyone in it. Before she was 10 years old, She feared the Apocalypse (ironic given how the left hates the Bible and religion. Although, one wouldn't be wrong in asserting they simply replaced Christianity with another religion. In this case, Climate dogma decorated with the requisite fears and doomsday scenarios) and she set out to prevent this from happening by warning us all.

With these problems, her parents chose to push her into the limelight rather than get her the help she needs and deserves.

By not doing so, I feel it's tantamount to child abuse. Put it this way, if she was some average student in some average town, it's not a stretch child services would be involved.

But she's a celebrity and a cause celebre with a narrative that fits the zeitgeist perfectly. So she's good to go.

How anyone would take a child with no life experience or sufficient scientific literacy seriously is beyond my pay grade to grasp.

It's a simple calculus that's unfolding before your eyes: Child has mental illness, child sees climate burning, child is terrified, parents exploit child...and the result is her having a neurotic, mental breakdown on international TV.

That's not passion. It's literally a scared and vulnerable child who should be at damn school and keeping her childhood happy.

Her parents are terrible people and parents who send their kids on Friday are no better. Their indifference or lack of information only fuels the madness of adults using kids as Child-Prophets of climate doom.

Now she's in the public spotlight where she's fair game. The idea she can wag and scold as people venerate her and not be criticized is preposterous. How dare we attack this girl?!? It's the same old and tiresome screams whenever AOC is held to account for her nonsensical diatribes and illiberal disposition.

As for the asshole so-called adults in the room. Go look up Sarah Silverman comparing her to Jesus. Others have compared her to Joan of Arc. She makes the talk show rounds including The Daily Show. All are playing their part in this sad story. She's their prophet in the religion of climate change. Her mother claims she can see CO2 - an odourless and colourless gas.

I can't but help think this won't end well for Greta once the dates slotted for doom come and go.

Despite all this, I wish her well because she's just a kid. 


The immature and intellectually stunted adults in the room, of course, can't help themselves from being total immature jackasses in encouraging her.

She has been given an 'Alt Nobel peace prize'. You know, the ribbon given to such men of peace like Arafat, Gore and Obama.

I'm just waiting for some Ivy League school to give her an Honorary degree.

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