Samantha Bee Vapid

Just saw a Samantha Bee commercial where she mocked Trump for pronouncing ‘euphemism’ as ‘euphenism’. The ad closed with Obama saying ‘good luck’.
I don’t seem to recall these smart ass dope headed progs making fun of Obama for all this slip ups. You know, like when he said corpsmen, and 57 states and, 'speaking Austrian', and Maldives (when trying to call the Falkland by its other name 'Malvinas').

I seem to recall when this was pointed out Obama cultists would rush to his defense with the usual 'he's tired' and 'we all make mistakes' and all that.

I'd be more willing to accept this excuse if they'd apply it equally but, of course, they don't.

Seriously. If you're going to be a partisan hack incapable of lampooning every political figure equally, at least try and be witty and funny in the process.

Lame. Fail. 

Bee and that guy who took over from the other guy on that show are just not funny.

Just smug virtue signalling.

I think Hitch got it about right:

Remember kids.

You're not that smart.

Even Solazzo admitted 'I'm not that clever' just before Michael Corleone shot him in the restaurant.

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