Of Amazon Selling Beer And Dutch Election

I better get off my ass. Been a tad busy.

Stop laughing. I do have a life.

Anyway. Working on a couple of things including the Daily Derp so be on the look out for that one.

In the meantime chew on these nuggets:

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is ready to do to the local liquor store what it did to the local book store. It is rolling out free beer and wine 2-hour delivery and $7.99 1-hour delivery for Prime Now members, starting in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. It is reasonable to expect this experiment to be wildly successful and for the company to roll it out more broadly in the near future.
The beauty of new enterprises like Uber, Lyft and Amazon?
They're going to destroy the regulatory monstrosity that has hampered competition and growth. Anyone fighting this is engaging in futility. 
Never mind about bypassing stupid inter-provincial and inter-state barriers and restrictions.
No doubt they'll have to put up with the usual statist nonsense but here's to the next stage in Amazon's evolution. As a Prime member all I can say is, 'Cheers!'
Basically, all told, about 55% of the population voted for centre/right parties converting into 101 seats while the hard left garnered almost 30% with just 45 seats.
Mark Rutte of the VVD party won with 21% (33 seats) while Geert Wilders came in second with 20 seats and 13% of the vote. 
The Netherlands just shifted to the right folks.

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