Please Remember....

People who claim and scream like a pack of unthinking dead harpies we're victims of 'fake news' are a threat TO YOUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND SPEECH.

They're on the wrong side of intellectualism; of history.

Believe me. I've been at this for too long. Have read my share of historical pieces, journals and books.

This is the typical flow of history. Whenever an invention takes place that brings knowledge to people   (be it intellectual (critical thinking) or technological (printing press)), the sloths at the top of the political pyramid seek to throttle it.

We're seeing it unfold right before our eyes. We've never had so much information at our disposal at any point in human history. Ever.

This should be celebrated. That there are people - mostly, of course, supported by progressives. It's in their blood to do so - who actually call for the suspension, censor or silencing of voices astounds and worries me.

Freedom naturally scares the living hell out of the established political and media class.

It's only natural. They want to keep the control. They want the power to manage the narrative.

Platforms like youtube and blogs form a resistance to this. It never made sense that all information created by humanity gets to be funnelled through a select group of people, newspapers and broadcasters deciding what you should here according to their conclusions of what they constitute as 'truth'. It never was objective.

The irony is, we've never witnessed more objectivity (and thus arriving close to truth) than with new media and the alternative media.

Their reaction to it? Predictably, as the ascot gently but surely strangles their necks, they turn to attacking. 'Alt-right', 'fake news' and all that fucken nonsense. It's to demean, chastise and beat the drum of arrogance. And if you take your marching orders from them, you're a useful idiot.

This development apparently threatens our civilization. But in reality it threatens YOU. You're right to information and different points of views that allows proper perspective and healthy skepticism to flourish in an advanced stage of our intellectual evolution.

Take the refugee story. If media controlled the message, all we'd hear is the official Angela Merkel line or what the Democrat or Liberal party position. But with live leak, and youtube and other platforms, we get to see behind their message. We get a better picture.

And this is problematic for them.

My advice to you. One in which I plead. Don't believe it. Ignore it.

They're lying to your face to protect their interests.

Ted Koppel doesn't give a rat's ass about your personal quest for knowledge; for your liberty.

Whenever you see such an occurrence, always ask 'cut bono'?

Whoever does, it ain't you.

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