Disgrace: Non-Binding Motion 103 Passes

I'm thoroughly disgruntled at the passing for study of this utterly absurd piece of legislation with full support of the Liberals and NDP.

While not law - and to be honest I'm not sure if it can be put into law given its vague content and the fact Canadians don't support it with any real majority - it's worth nipping this abhorrent attack on free speech in the bud. This can't ever end well if it were to become binding.

Spare the 'mature discussion' garbage.

I'm not interested in making Muslims and undeserved victim group. Nor am I interested in seeing a fellow Canadian be fined, thrown in prison or be subjected to an onerous and embarrassing interrogating process by the unelected bull shit Human Rights Commission.

Not interested.

There are more documented acts of discrimination against Jews than Muslims in North America and we don't have anti-Jew law. Nor did we have an anti-Irish, anti-Chinese, anti-Japanese, anti-Italian, anti-Polish etc. law. And we all made it out alive and with OUR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS IN PLACE. Meanwhile, Imams in Toronto recently called the for the elimination of Jews.

To the silence of Justin Trudeau. Had a Christian or Jew said that of a Muslim, how do you think the Affirmative Action Pop Tart would have reacted?

I don't think I need to tell you.

It's grotesque because it's a pre-emptive attempt at criminalizing speech against a group that doesn't face nearly the amount of "hate" crimes to justify protections. Muslims in the Arab Middle-East kill each other at a frightening pace but somehow we in the West have to curb our freedoms for them on our soil?

This is outrageous.

And yet, Canadians remain oblivious - la, la, la - to the creeping erosion of their own rights.

They're too busy babbling about the 'dangers' of Trump to realize their rights are being usurped right from under their noses. Before you know it, comedians are threatened with jail time like they do in fricken Europe.

If you take a moment and THINK of where this can lead regarding your liberties you would be concerned as well. Some of you can arrive, as I did, at the conclusion of never considering voting for the Liberals again.

Anti-Islamophobia bill.

What a bunch of stupid idiots. I can't say that I'm surprised given what infests the affirmative action party in power at the moment.

Well, I guess I'm in their cross hairs now because I don't exactly share their views on this issue.

See this line here, Justin?

Yeah, Motion-103 is where I draw the line for protecting speech.

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  1. It's "Lenny Bruce" all over again.
    But, now, not because of "using profanity".
    They have a different "evil" to dogmatize.


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