Duplicitous Deceitful Democrats Are Dangerous

At this point, I don't know how anyone can support the behaviour of the mainstream press and the Democrat party of the United States. Void of any substantial principles the two lay arm in arm in a vortex of schemes armed with stupidity and smugness largely of their own doing.

I wonder. Had the crooked witch of deep low earth won the election, would 'fake news' even be a thing?

Of course, we know the answer to that. No. No it would not.

What's fascinating to watch unfold - and the untold useful idiots who fall prey to it - is the fake news machine of the mainstream press complain and warn of, fake news.

Can it be they see their monopoly of lies threatened? I invited you to go watch Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes interview Cernovich. Pay close attention to his line of questioning. His reactions and non-answers.

There you will see once and for all the decadence of modern journalism wallowing in abject ignorance and arrogance; without one single second of cognitive dissonance. There seems to be a sense of entitlement on their part into thinking they somehow have the matrix of truth all figured out.

It's bizarre as it is disturbing. I sat watching and wondering (marvelling not so much) at the fact this is a news organization that reports and investigates on our behalf? I wouldn't wipe my ass with the film at this point.

The interview left me questioning what the fuck is going on at 60 Minutes more than it did about 'fake news'.

Then I realized while snapping my fingers.

Like anything else with progressives (spade a spade - most journalists and news organizations are liberal and progressive who vote Democrat so let's stop with the coy 'who me?" bull), they're masters of projection. And so it was with the interview.

All I kept seeing was truth revealed as to how Pelley reports the news. Which is to say, quite frankly, not impressive.

It's mind boggling how anyone could take at face value and with a straight face the manufactured rubbish about Russia (one in which is still not rooted in any facts but rumours pimped by the so-called professional and truth seeking media)  and fake news. Somehow, when it comes to the left and the Democrats, it all comes down to 'because of Rush Limbaugh'.

It's astounding really.

They just went through eight years of supposed enlightened government where the President treated the press like shit, was at war every single day of his Presidency, left a foreign policy with no real coherent direction, an anemic economy with the usual high deficit, showed no wisdom of any kind during trying racial issues and events....yet, people still wish for his return?

He essentially lied and laughed to people's faces and they suck it up like a bunch of emasculated cucks.

Now. Indeed, all politicians do this but none have been so praised!

Astonishing how much people tolerate when it's 'their guy' who does it.

And who are most likely to buy it? Probably the educated who can be a bunch of dimwitted numbskulls. I know, I fall into that category. Listening to my educated friends, family, acquaintances across North America about all this has left be disappointed and somewhat unnerved at how easy it is to manipulated smart people.

Lord, you have the coach of the San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich declare - snap! - 'we are Rome' because Trump was elected. Just like that. One election of one guy you don't like = Rome. Never mind Rome evolved  over time. 

The thing is, Popovich equates the election of a person who had yet to take power as a symbol of Roman decadence. Either he didn't read Roman history close enough or he's just letting his personal, liberal bias interfere with reality and the facts of history. I'm guessing the latter.

No one who understands history draws such a vapid conclusion of a single election. It demeans Roman history as if it was a simplistic moment. Had he said, 'well, the last 16 years have led this country onto a path reminiscent of Rome in its later stages of its Western empire and Trump seems to signal a cap to it' then I'd digest it better.

But, again, I'd guess a liberal would like to pick and choose and absolve Obama of his role in hastening the fall of the United States as it compares to Rome.

It was such a startling and bizarre statement to make especially for those of us who studied the Classics.

How about we just cut it out with the Roman analogies if you're going to be simplistic about it?

They've completely lost their minds. All logic has temporarily been suspended. Must. Smash.

I don't know where things will go from here. All I know is it's not the 'alt-right' or fake news making trouble.

It's the irresponsible mainstream press and the Democrat party with their axes to grind and their snivelling poison pills.

It's worth recalling this is nothing new in the progressive media. After all, they once supported communism, Hitler and even called Stalin 'Uncle Joe' despite the utter horrific crimes against humanity those ideologies and figures committed against humanity.

You know, I keep hearing idiot progressives claim 'right side of history'.

Here's the thing. Just like Time and The New York Times (Walter Durante who won a Pulitzer for his lies and bull shit) were consistently treasonous against American ideals and ended up being on the wrong side of history, modern identity politics, SJWs and other progressive movements like BLM and OWS will inevitably follow in the same direction.

The only question is how much damage will they cause?


The sad thing is you can't forward a video like this to progressives to show democracy in action. It's not their kind of democracy after all. These are icky, uneducated street people.

They simply would scoff it off given the contempt they hold for such folk; the very segment of the population they purport to want to help.

These are the deplorables. And progs loathe them.

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