'What's The Big Deal?' Says Heritage Minister Guilbeault About Government's Plan To Force Licensing On International Media Companies

Just in case you weren't convinced where this government's head is, here's another example of its troubling fetish for curbing and censoring speech.

Already the media was given an absurd taxpayer funded bail out - remember they believe we're all too stupid to not be able to 'weed out fake news'. Apparently, the only good news is CBC government Pravda news - from Justin now they're exploring an even dumber if not more troubling option.

One where the government would demand media sites get a license to operate here.

Basically, this will end up in one place: With Canadians not having access to international (ie American) opinions, journalism and other media because America media outlets won't play this racket.

People who voted for this buffoon are going to have played their part in his latest obscenity.

Before I go on. The Heritage Minister is Steve Guilbeault. He comes with all the usual decorations and awards bestowed upon activists but for me he's the the eco-militant who scaled the CN Tower in 2001 unveiling a banner that read 'Canada and Bush Climate Killers'.

It's not surprising our commie clown PM appointed another commie clown as a Minister.

His body language reveals a sense of oppositional defiance and strange (blinking) ticks while sporting unprofessional attire. His explanations were poorly articulated and only magnified the preposterous censorious proposal.

Would it have killed him to wear a tie? What's happening in Canada?

What I got from this:

1) The Liberals wants to dictate to streamline companies where the put their revenues. In this case, they want to bully them into paying for 'Canadian Content'. Apparently, international companies are supposed to pay their 'fair share' into our cultural heritage. The delicious irony is we're asking the Americans to help subsidize our content - a nation shallow Canadian nationalists and even misguided Canadians love to bash and engage in anti-American rhetoric.

Then they wonder why I don't take my country seriously.

I ask more directly: How is it their responsibility to do their 'fair share' on maintaining Canadian content?

2) The Minister, taking a cue from his boss, is not telling the truth. A company like Netflix won't pay for squat. They're going to pass that on to the consumer - you and me. It will be a tax by other means.

But don't expect a left-winger to be honest about that because leftists like this guy don't believe your money belongs to you. It belongs to to him to fund his pet projects under the guise of 'Canadian heritage'.

3) Guilbeault's explanation was unconvincing and sophomoric. I know shocking.

His 'we're asking' and it's 'fair share' translates into 'do as we say or else'. Of course creators and CanCon are going to like this. It's free money for them as opposed to going out and putting out content we actually like or want. They're basically saying we can't compete with the United States.

This could lead to the government, to the extent they'd be committed to it. blocking sites who don't play along or sign up for a license. That means, as mentioned, a giant chunk of the media and entertainment we consume from the United States.

4) Can you guess who does this? The EU is a good example but if you guessed China give yourself a pat on the back.

The difference is the Chinese authoritarian government built their infrastructure and so have the means to throttle and censor (control) the flow of information and opinions. In the West, the free market and entrepreneurship set it up so controlling it is a lot harder unless the government flat out takes it over. The resources needed for this would be enormous. There are all sorts of 'backdoor' ways to circumnavigate whatever it is these buffoons are up to. If this government thinks I'd stand idly by watching my civil liberties being eroded, they truly are totalitarian in their stupidity.

You have to be one gigantic useful idiot to actually believe there's any good that can come of this.

That I'm even typing and discussing this in Canada is outrageous onto itself!

Every single day I look in disbelief at what's governing this country.

Updated: He came to his senses and made an about face. But I still don't trust this guy.

Now fuck off Steve and go buy a tie and present yourself to the Canadian public like a man and not an activist.


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