Democrats And Liberals Dishonor And Disrespect Everything We Have Built

On this continent, two traditional parties that have governed along with Republicans and Conservatives have have been driftingly shifting left.

I know on progressive sites the thinking and belief is that the Republican and Conservative parties have gone 'far right' but this is simply not backed up by the facts. And the best way to measure this is through policy and rhetoric.

Through policy examination, it's been discovered by studies from The Economist, Pew and NYT that indeed the DNC has been going left while the Republican party has stayed pretty much in the centre.

On rhetoric, it is abundantly clear the two North American parties have been sounding much more ideological (easily tracing back their ideas to Marxist and socialist tenets - Warren, Sanders, AOC, Trudeau for example hold progressive socialist ideals; not liberal. Still more troubling, when you trace back the roots of these people, they've been basted in a steady diet of far left ideology.

The rhetoric of the Republican and Conservatives is nothing extraordinary. It only became so when the left started to shift the way they loosely define terms like 'racism' and 'misogyny' to the point we pretty much all qualify. Add toxic and divisive class warfare lingo like 'fair share' and 'cultural appropriation' and 'white privilege' it's not very hard to see who are the ones acting like ideologues.

We also see it in the way they treat our collective heritage and history.

They want to rewrite, rework and revise it in their own image. They want to deceive by reinventing the past so they can control the narrative.

This is what 'old dead white men' is all about. It's designed to make us feel guilty and atone for our sins.

This is why, moreover, they protest to remove statues and paintings of historical figures.

They want it all gone.

Except the parts they like. You know, the great minds who invented various medicines or technology they enjoy. Alessandro Volta  must be a hero to them but he's a old, dead, white Italian guy. After all, he's the inventor of the battery. And the battery is used to push the electric car. An idea the environmental left, I presume, embrace. Does he get a Hall Pass? Are we going to pick and choose who doesn't get the proverbial reactionary left-wing guillotine?

Their positions is literally an endless pit of contradictions, hysterics, and beliefs system rooted in illiberal ignorance.

They rail and rant against the who we are, where we came from and where we can go.

The left's legacy is one of blood and destruction. From the Jacobins to Bolsheviks and Lenin to Stalin and the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany to Mussolini's Italy to China's Mao and the Great Leap Forward (into death), to the Khmer Rouge to Castro's Cuba to various dysfunctional left-wing guerrilla groups across Asia and South America right up to Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela.

This is their legacy.

Theirs to own and choke on their own misery on.

How many examples do we need?

Oh. Scandinavia you say? Yeh well, those countries aren't anywhere near as socialists as the North American left want to believe. The problem is, the Nordic model is extremely pragmatic and open to free enterprise.

The academic left here are hostile to it.

In their minds, businesses exploit and therefore the government must plunder and exploit it in return is basically their philosophy.

For the people.

Like Chavez did.

From 'soak the rich' to the term '1%' to the idea billionaires 'don't make money, they take it' these are all vapid left wing terms designed to foster class warfare.

Some are foolish enough to believe it while I fear too many do it on purpose.

Since 2015 (the election of Trudeau) and 2016 (election of Trump), the left have gone absolutely bat shit bonkers.

They've completely lost their rational bearings and have been pulling the parties they support down with them.

Everything they touch turns to soot.

And the absolute worst kind of socialist is the Caviar socialist; the limousine liberal.

You Mike Bloombergs, Al Gores, Barack Obamas, Justin Trdueaus and Elizabeth Warrens of this world.

If you think they're gonna stop eating angus beef for the environment you're slow at the switch.

They want you to save the environment.

That means you will have to do it with more taxes and less prosperity.

But don't mind them as they hop on their private jets to Tahiti to meet up with other fake socialists from around the world to come up with more plans to fuck you over.

There have been so many examples on display in the past few years pointing to their hypocrisy and lies.

They do an awful lot of yapping about decorum but act like boorish buffoons any chance they get. They claims when they 'go low we go high!' but in realty they go lower. It's Hilary's specialty.

They want civil discourse but when you watch MSNBC or CNN you see a naked hate for others that is so palpable it's thoroughly downright creepy.

What about Fox? I don't see Fox stopping to the levels of Don Lemon and Rick Wilson just did.

But when I saw Nancy Pelosi rip up the SOTU speech, it was the final cherry on the cake.

A more shocking display of disrespect for a nation and people than that you can't get.

No one is saying you have to agree with what was presented by Trump. SOTU addresses have become noting more than a chance for Presidents to embellish accomplishments used as a way to campaign. Everyone knows that so you take it for what it is.

But the human interest stories are always interesting and always a reminder that the people are the nation. Not the politicians in Congress - or Parliament.

These politicians think themselves as damn masters and I hope we continue this progress towards reversing this trend to remind them they serve the people.'

When Pelosi tore it up I saw an 80 year-old acting like a child.

She and her miserable faux-righteous cohorts in the DNC are so filled with irrational hate of one man she didn't realize she was tearing up just a Trump speech. She was tearing up all the men, women and children of all backgrounds and races to their faces. From the military veteran to the Border Patrol agent to the Mueller family. Did anyone notice how the women in white and good chunk of Democrats rarely applauded or stood for good news and stories all decent humans capable of setting differences aside can applaud? They looked like a bunch of sour dopes.

When the President says he wants to protect the Second Amendment theres' nothing radical in that. It's upholding the Constitution. But yet, they sat on their hands. What are people to conclude from that?

Another example is when Trump accurately recounted how unemployment for all Americans - including blacks and Hispanics - are historic lows. They didn't not applaud. If it's true, shouldn't they be happy? Trump wants to give school choice to families. They didn't applaud. Mostly because stye care more about the unions than families. When he mentioned the killing of two monstrous terrorists again they did not applaud.

These are issues everyone should get behind. What's their problem exactly?

This is what I mean by dishonourable and disrespectful.

Pelosi acted like a toddler who didn't like what she heard and decided she was going to have a tantrum. Like a child who refuses to leave daycare and attempts to bully their parents.

There were several tender moments throughout that SOTU including when the soldier surprised his family at the end. Everyone stood and applauded. Pelosi stood and clapped too but she kept looking down on at her damn notes as she did throughout the speech. She wasn't in the moment. She was looking at how to stick it to the President. A clearer example of her lack of class and dignity I can't think of. It was a completely inappropriate and nauseating performance on her part.

It's worth mentioning she ruled over San Francisco. A place that has gone to hell from people shitting on the streets, to unaffordable housing (thanks to excessive government intervention), and homeless people accosting business owners. It's currently run by a DA with obvious Marxist upbringing and beliefs who has ordered police to not prosecute crimes.

What do you think will eventually happen when the people feel sufficiently threatened and thoroughly disgusted? They're going to turn to vigilantism. They're going to go back to the good old days when the mob offered protection. You can't turn a lawful society into a lawless one and expect to advance a civilization. You will destroy it.

Pelosi and her ilk are why San Francisco falters.

When I see a Canadian Minister like Guilbeault go on TV and essentially call for the throttling of free speech without wearing a tie, I see dishonour and disrespect. When Trudeau and the Liberals refuse to answer questions, I see dishonor and disrespect.

Stand up and be men and women. Not arrogant cowards.

These are the faces of the Liberal and Democrat parties.

This is what they think of you.

Not much is it?



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