THIS Is What REAL Science Looks Like Ms. McKenna

Catherine McKenna (aka Climate Barbie) is your run of the progressive Environmental Minister (oops, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. No, I did not make that up.) pimping out the usual specious claims about climate change and how we  (the is us)  need to adjust our lives and pay for all their schemes which will mostly likely amount to little or nothing.

The idea that man-made public policy can thwart Mother Nature is beyond arrogance.

Thankfully Canadians are having none of her and her boss's (aka Zoolander) nonsense.

While I think Twitter's management are a bunch of anti-free speech twits, the one thing Twitter does is give a REAL VOICE to people who otherwise would not have a platform to challenge their masters. It permits informed voices to question (and exhibit healthy skepticism) a prevailing government stance running contrary to the people's will and wishes.

It's worth to keep reminding that Canada is a resource based economy for the most part. We derive much of our wealth from it. That we would try and stymy the industry for climate change is not just foolish, it's irresponsible and immoral as it could translate into lower growth and standard of living - and more debt.

McKenna, though, is not one to accept this rational and pragmatic view.


I mean witness her impulsive tweet about that alleged starving polar bear:

THIS is what climate change looks like. Climate change is real. As are its impacts. Time to stand up for our polar bears and our planet.

Those poor polar bears. Do they even know they're being used as pawns in the climate change wars?

Stand up for what? If climate change is real and it's man-made, then yeah, I guess you may feel compelled to jump and stand up and intervene. As one put it:

Do you see any snow on the ground. The climate is changing. This is not the first picture of an emaciated polar bear. "Evolution cannot compete with man accelerated climate change."
Now it's accelerating huh.

But what if climate change (climate is forever changing as any non-dope knows) is not man-made?  Indeed, there's more than enough literature pointing it remains unclear if not flat out inconclusive. If accurate, then we'd be interfering with the natural unfolding of Mother Nature, no?

Alas, in Ms. McKenna's mind, we need to intervene and save the world based on faulty premises and emotional jargon.

You know - or should know- their MO at this point. Take an environmental event and stick a 'see? This is why we need to do something, anything NOW!' tag to it without proper context or facts. It really is the politics of emotion.

Anyway. About that polar bear. Turns out there really is nothing we could do.

Turns out. Well, it was just nature running its course.

We just happened to get a picture of a dying polar bear. Again, we fail to consider the scale of things. How many animals across the globe face death in this manner? Think about it. It's the natural order of things. 

Taking a sad picture of an animal as proof for climate change policy is grotesque and ignorant on so many levels.

Party of science my foot. 

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