Quote Of The Day And The Inhumanity Of The Secular State

"Then-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg famously banned people from donating food to city shelters in 2012 "because the city can't assess their salt, fat and fiber content.""
Former NYC Michael Bloomberg.  Arrogant, self-absorbed, twit.

This is what happens when the secular state ripped the role of the Church out of caring for the sick and poor - which it was vastly superior at. 

Government crack downs, for example, on good samaritans we see more and more of is less designed to proceed anyone and more to remind who is boss and to prevent them from looking bad. Same with 'association groups' like, for example, for the AMA (which supported Obamacare - a form of government sanctioned welfare that removes agency from free peoples). None of them want anyone on their turf.

The latest story comes from Atlanta (is it a surprise it's a Democrat strong hold? I'm connecting the good old fashioned dots of how much the left loathes religion and the Church. Just saying) where police are handing out fines to people for the crime of....feeding the homeless.

Think about this for one second.

We fine people for being kind because they don't have a permit. It's not kindness unless it's been issued by a benevolent bureaucrat.

We're taught all the key words from young about how to be civil and do our parts in a civilized society; to do good by our communities. Cooperation, compassion, to respect and say hello to our neighbours and so on.

Yet, everything the government does runs contrary to this.

It *says* it's for our own good but instead, it rips to shreds the notion of humanism.

It has to. Humanism has nothing to do with it, votes and how it calculates into power do.

This is how cynicism seeps into the mindset of people. 

'Why should I? Let the government deal with them' is a most unfortunate way to think with horrible and horrific implications.

That's why the Catholic Church for hundreds of years were the greatest provider of care. It's no coincidence they invented the concepts of charity and hospitals as we know it. They were compassionate for their fellow humans.

Bloomberg or De Blasio or whoever else ordering these 'fining hits' couldn't care less about you.

Don't believe me?

Such actions are to remind you who you serve. Once upon a time it was God.

Now it's City Hall or any government agency.

Everything is a contradiction with government. They're good to tell you to be 'kind' and are just as quickly likely to fine you if it runs afoul with some absurd law.

Ask yourself this. Despite they billions and billions the progressive state has spent on welfare and various wars on poverty and drugs, are we better off?

I've written in the past we're now a 'hyper secular state'. One in which that has completely lost the original intent of what the Catholic Church taught people about how to treat one another. The howls of 'separation of Church and State' was strictly a political one that extended into how we govern one another on a personal level. Like many things in our past, we also misunderstand the origins of how we arrived at the separation but that's not for this post here to discuss.

And where people fall through the cracks - the truth is believe it or not from what I've learned over the years the homeless do possess dignity and don't necessarily want government welfare or handouts. Some simply prefer to live out on the streets or elsewhere - there is absolutely nothing wrong in their fellow man to hand them some bloody fool.

Cracking down on them is immoral.

Pure and simple.

The Mayor of Atlanta and others like him should think about this the next time they sit in Church.

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  1. I've always been convinced, myself, that most authority types and government officials are actually Artificial Intelligence, given their propensity for being so clinical and cliche-minded about anything under the sun. And the way they all seem to ramble off identical mantras and rhetoric, and stereotype and pigeonhole the general populace in the most insensitive manner and lack total compassion and the slightest semblance of any kind of natural human emotion and feeling.

    Everything with them is all about profiling, categorizing---and meeting quotas.


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