Haidt: A Great University Schism Is Needed

Professor Jonathan Haidt proposes in this video that because the ratio of professors who vote or lean left is so great compared to those who vote or lean right, the university system is under duress. The reason being each side pursue different ends. The right maintains the original intent of the university which is to pursue truth, whereas the left is going the route of Marxist as taught in Critical Theory.

It's so entrenched now that a split - like the Great (East-West) Schism of 1054 which separated the Orthodox Church from Roman Catholicism - is probably a solution. That is, 'let's just go our separate ways' lest it gets really ugly.

Last month I sat down for dinner with a professor of architecture here in Montreal and that's pretty much what he said could happen.

In any event, until the government gets out of education or stops underwriting the cost of education - which hampers deans and institutions to deal with such issues because they need Federal subsidies - this is going to continue.

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