Canada Is Not A Defender Of Free Speech

I want (need) Canadians to understand something.

I often hear people say 'we have freedom of speech and thought' in Canada.

Yes we do.

Up to a point.

And therein lies the problem.

We have just enough of it to the point it doesn't run afoul with the government and speech laws.

The fact we have speech laws at all is of major grave concern. The idea we're 'responsible' enough to 'balance' speech so as to not infringe on rights is wrongheaded as it is preposterous. Where there is power, there is risk it will be abused against fundamental rights. 

The Canadian Charter, often cited, is nothing compared to the U.S. Constitution where the rights of sovereign people full stop is enshrine through the First and Second Amendments. No government, persons or entities can infringe or take away these sacred rights. It is inferior to its American counterpart and should be a source of embarrassment given our misplaced arrogance regarding such issues.

America stands uniquely alone for its defense of the 1A, 2A and other amendments (often under attack from the left) in the world today. For it, it's often mocked and chastised but they're in the intellectual and moral right. It's the world that's wrong.

I wish Canada would stand shoulder to shoulder on matters of liberty. But we don't. We inexplicably chose a European model. I don't consider the EU remotely enlightened where free speech and thought is concerned. The UK in particular should be ridiculed mercilessly for their backward thinking. Germany we expect because it's a society that doesn't think in terms of individual liberty. But the UK did once upon a time accept this concept. France and Italy. Holland and Sweden. Spain and Belgium.

All are failures.

In Canada, you can (and will) be prosecuted if you say something that the government deems "wrong".

We don't have free speech.

We have what the government allows.

This is something that should not exist.

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