The Astonishing Rot And Hypocrisy Of Hollywood

We all knew Hollywood is infested with amoral and immoral hypocrites.

It's a place where deception beats reality into submission.

So do stories like the one we're hearing about Harvey Weinstein really surprise anyone? Nor does the outcry from celebrities condemning his actions.

But when we pay close attention and delve deeper into what celebrities are saying, we see a rot of pathetic hypocrisy.

That vice trumps virtue in Hollywood is the rule and not the exception so it does ring a tad hollow whenever we hear celebs act in shocked indignation when it comes to immoral behaviour.

We've been hearing rumours about such stories for years and decades. It's one of those 'wink, wink shut up here's your cheque' things. A terribly held secret if you prefer.

I don't know squat about the internal machinations of Hollywood, but simple observation and research gives me - and people as a whole - an idea.

It seems the more they moralized wagging their degenerate wagging fingers at people (especially since Trump's election), the more it became apparent they were full of shit brought to its breathtakingly and achingly arrogant heights by one Meryl Streep.

With each passing Kimmel Tear, the endless stream of arrogant didactics and clear progressive leanings, it becomes apparent they care more about principals and less about principles.

These are no heroes. They're cowards.

And so it is with them chiming in on the scum that is Harvey Weinstein offering their 'shock' and 'disgust'.

What a shameless crock.

George Clooney once gave a self-congratulatory, bum tapping speech about the progressiveness of Hollywood in American civil society. People with their minds properly calibrated in possession of a principled moral and intellectual compass could but raise a Bugs Bunny eyebrow.

But what about all the pain Hollywood inflicts on people?

Where are the voices that speak on behalf of the victims? Why don't they speak out about sexual abuse in their industry before a story like this breaks out? Instead, they do stupid videos in support of Hillary Clinton (hardly a friend to women).

I'll tell you why. Because it could impact their bottom line. No one wants to rock the boat into their next big gig. Few, if any, put their money where their money is when it matters most.

Better to virtue signal in the political realm attacking Republican presidents than actually do something of value. It's always interesting to note the alleged 'war on women' is an example of progressive projection on the matter. They scream it's by the hands of regressive Republicans, yet, such unfortunate stories come with their fair share of the letter 'D' attached to it.

In the Age of the Unhinged (c. AD Trump), celebrities have particularly dropped their masks and gone for broke in their insufferable lecturing and insulting of fellow citizens.

Better to rail about climate change from the comforts of their jets while shielded by the media than to do the right thing where their careers could be jeopardized. Or shout behind a mic and virtue signal about how bad Trump is as they play guitar.

It's about, as noted above,  the money. The adoration. The fame.

They're addicted to it because their celebrities. They need and crave it. Who in their right and rational mind would forsake and jeopardize that over Harvey Weinstein? A powerful man - thought clearly of weak moral fibre - who could make you famous like Stalin!

They've literally jumped the shark. I can't turn the TV on with some self-proclaimed twit leading their own private resistance. Meyers, Kimmel, Colbert, SNL - whatever.

They've become nauseating.

These are the folks who gave Roman Fucken Polanski a standing ovation. A person who inspired Whoopi to say his actions weren't 'rape rape'.

Oh, the lengths they'll go to protect their own!

Ans so, this special cabal of popular celebs saying they're horrified knowing the cess pool of libertine smut they operate in is rich and is not an act of heroism or dignified. It's useless and cowardly.

Alas, it won't stop, I'm sure People or Time from putting Paltrow on the cover of their publications with a 'My Stuggle' hook.

For a bunch that does a whole lot of lecturing and talking, they sure know how to under whelm in their actions. South Park, as usual, did a masterful job of exposing them for who they are.

Then again, should we be surprised for a breed whose job is to deceive?

They can all spare us their bull shit and shut the hell up.

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