Rock Heartbroken

J Geils, Bowie, Harrison, Lou Reed...Petty.....

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are one of my personal all-time favourite bands. I finally got to see them live a couple of years back and thought they were outstanding. I say finally because me and a buddy were set to go see him in 1989 before he cancelled. It left us pretty bummed. 25 years later he came back this time I went with another close friend from the same gang.

There's such an authenticity to their music. The Heartbreakers remind me of The E Street Band in their tightness as a group and in their musicianship. Never mind about Petty's unique, rustic sound. Love it.

Damn the Torpedoes and Hard Promises were among the first LPs I ever purchased and still hold those albums in high regard. I still remember buying Full Moon Fever (I believe his first solo effort) and a store called Disqus, taking it home and just plain old enjoying the music. Still listen to it.

Like others, I was taken off guard upon hearing of his passing. Such a loss for rock & roll.

As these old time rockers die off, who will replace them? I'm not seeing much. Where the likes of Springsteen, Beach Boys, Beatles, Kinks, Stones etc. carried the torch for the legends who preceded them - i.e. Cooke, Wilson, Presley, Holly, Little Richard, Lewis, Berry, the blues masters etc. - who will continue their legacy and keep that lineage going?

There are so many great Petty songs. Among my favourites are The Waiting and Don't do me like that.

Even the Losers is an oft overlooked, forgotten song but it's one of TPHB best in my view with its epic "even the losers get lucky sometimes" line:

Image from Tom Petty.com

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