A Hypocrite Is Born Starring Ben Affleck And Alec Baldwin

Either Hollywood elites are that dumb or out to lunch or....okay moving along.

Here is a story about Ben Affleck doing his Kimmel Tears impression talking about the horror that is Harvey Weinstein.

Wait. You actually thought him blathering about it was the hook? You don't know me very well, do you?

What's hilarious is no sooner does he chime in with his faux-moral gibberish he gets accused of...being inappropriate himself.

To which he then apologizes. He's sorry he was caught I'm sure.

And then enters Alec Baldwin. The poster pugilist stereotype of the temperamental Irishman always with his dukes up looking to fight shadows and demons.

He who mocks Donald Trump - out of moral outrage of course because truth to power - and garners cheap childish laughs on SNL in a showcase of insufferable virtue signalling.

Hope you're enjoying your Medal of Freedom Lorne because you sure as hell sold your sense of humour to partisanship and it shows all over the Trump resistance show you call comedy.

Baldwin is caught, again,  on video acting like a complete idiot this time calling someone a 'meatball'.

Remember people, these are the people leading the 'resistance'.

Grow up you nitwits.

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