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Interesting politically incorrect black history of Detroit by one refreshing and honest Dr. Fleming.

It's fascinating actually how he describes the two, albeit different, waves of black immigration. I'm on record, as many others have also, as asserting men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton plant the seeds of destruction and division. They're evil. How they're always hanging around to prey on a tragic event to further their own sad agendas.

This video traces back and explains how and why people like this exist in the black community. The "2nd wave" of black immigration as it were. He goes as far back as slavey and contends that the propensity for "natural" slaves to threaten to "burn down a plantation" as leverage to get more out of their masters. That thinking still prevails among the the blacks who have taken over Detroit.

Burning down a city that they didn't build comes natural to those who don't own anything. The productive and educated blacks who did build and own had long moved out of the city literally to avoid being murdered. It's a part of African-American history we're all not used to hearing about.

Dr. Fleming offers, if anything, an engaging journey into an oral account of what he believes to be the main source of Detroit's decadence. As for "the plan" he talks about. It's funny. I used to ask for a plan from separatists. I wanted to know exactly how they planned to secede from Canada.

None was forthcoming. I still haven't heard a viable plan and likely never will.

In any event, I wish him luck in ushering in a Detroit Renaissance.

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