Where Is The Best Espresso In Italy?

If you're an espresso drinker here's an interesting post by Man of Roma.

I too have been frustrated in the past when North American writers (sometimes well-meaning or not) generalize or use hyperbole (for positive or negative ends) when talking about Italy.


-I have always felt that there's a special attraction between Germans and Italians. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's a connection between the two. I suppose the limes has something to do with it. Again, Man of Rome explores this aspect in a conversation with a German couple by the Colosseum in Rome.

Is it a case of opposites attract?


  1. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Hi Commentator, and thanks for your interest in my blog. I am also reading your posts, and your way of writing is captivating and original, plus I think we share a flippant side which is great fun.

    Yes, I agree that there is this attraction (plus incredible connection) between the Italians and the Germans, and I've tried to explore it from various angles, being it one of my obsessions, lol. The ancient Roman Limes or border is a great historic (and symbolic) place that always fascinated me since it is there that Germani and Romani mainly met (and fought), after all.

    As far espresso as the way people generalize or use hyperbole when dealing with Italy (or with any other foreign country), well, I believe it happens everywhere, it’s not only a USA thing, and it is probably more typical of journalists (so eager to capture their audience) that any other kind of writer.

    Ciao, and keep up with the good blogging!

  2. Grazie, MOR.

    They do make an odd couple!

    Have you tired Pellini cafe? They are based in Verona.

    From a North American perspective, this was among the best espresso I ever had.

    It's tough to select one in a country like Italy where there are SO MANY variations.

  3. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Never tried this Verona type of coffee. Yes, Italy is really culturally varied, compared to its tiny size. It is the Old World, and you are the New world, both of them fascinating (and another odd couple indeed).
    I am adding you to my blogroll.


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