Those prunish Parliamentarians and their racey pictures

The person who reads this blog knows that I like soft pink tissue and dislike the New Democratic Party. I don't know why, I just do. They just strike me as irrelevant but hey they're a "third" voice on the Canadian political landscape and people do vote for them so they do serve a useful democratic role in their own small way. Good for them.

Progressiveness is an elusive term. Every ideology will claim to be "progressive." Certainly the NDP think they are but to me it's all nonsense. One man's progressiveness is another man's...pass the beer nuts.

So, like, I came across this article and wondered about "progressiveness." It seems one member of the NDP has taken offense of having caught a Conservative member viewing pictures of his "scantily clad" girlfriend in the Commons. Surely, this ridiculous story doesn't count as being progressive? Yet, reading Ms. Mathyssen's words one realizes she firmly believes she is. Is this what Parliamentarians waste their time on?

She is attempting to turn this into a lame women's right story. It was his girlfriend for heaven's sake. Distasteful? Perhaps. Let it go. Permit his bosses deal with him.

The popular conception of conservatives being tight asses may be true but the NDP and socialists are not only tight-assed but espouse a spent world view.

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