The television age of fake reality and Bruckheimervision

Why does it feel as though every second show on television is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer? Is it because it is accurate?

This can't be good for programming as an art can it? Assuming, of course, we want TV to be artistic. I would imagine it to be so since actors, producers, directors, writers etc. are all artists in their own way.

How healthy is it that one guy gets to do so many shows? Talk about hogging all the spoils. I yearn for the day when I literally change channels and get to choose from a giant mass of shows providing high quality with fresh perspectives on a regular basis. I don't just want to see cheesy Bruckheimer but rather 10 different producers with 10 different takes on what constitutes a great show.

I don't believe for one minute Bruckheimer owns an artistic monopoly. It's sort of like asking David Foster to do all the producing for singers. Spare me the "originality" crap. None of these people are except for a precious few (praise the Lord for HBO for finding a few.) You can't sit and tell me that CSI is a show that can't be surpassed in quality. CSI: Miami in particular is borderline comedic.

They say group think sinks in places like academia, corporations and politics. The same thing can hit art and television execs too. It seems everything they do is based on a model; a blueprint. For ratings and profits this is necessary. But in terms of the viewing experience it's awful.

Everything in moderation is fine but it's nuts that if you're a writer you have to script Reality TV to get a job (if you're lucky - we won't go there.) I have to watch a group of losers under the guise of being real TV? Where the the only lessons learned is how Darwinism and Macchiavellianism can be degraded to its most tribal base? Please. I'd rather read 'Clifford the Big Red Dog.'

Here's an idea for a show (I'm keeping the serious ones for myself): Are you smarter than a 3rd grader? Since we are fond lowering the bar why not?

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