Article of Interest: Excuse me, but do you mind turning over your rights to us?

Here's another case of government officials stepping on the toes of civil rights. I hope Nova Scotian's strikes this anti-democratic proposal down. I understand that people are terrified of smoke but we are getting a little excessive as we walk around elbows up trampling on the rights of individuals.

Then again, we opened this can of worms so it's not surprising that it was presented. Why stop at banning smoking in public spaces? Why not go right into the homes of citizens? At this point, why not just ban the tobacco companies outright? Make it illegal to sell nicotine. That way, it would spare us the horrors of big brotehr interventionism on the private affairs of people and how they choose to live their life.

Welcome to the world of hyper-health tyranny.

Makes me want to take up smoking.

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