Can Russian mob films challenge Italian dominance?

Forgive if this is a little scattered but I'm battling a migraine.

For years and years and years and years the base of great mob and violent movies were that of Italian gangsters. The thinking was, accurately it turns out, that the Italian mafia was incredibly marketable. People wanted to watch the Italians. Remarkable considering that the South American, Irish and Jewish cartels and mobs are every bit the equal to its Italian counterparts. Chinese and Japanese mobsters are too. Yet, what is the Irish, Jewish or Asian equivalent of 'The Godfather' or 'Goodfellas?'

There are many "gangster" films out there. Think "Snatch" and its genre.

Still, look at the the list at what are regarded the greatest mob films: Donnie Brasco, Once Upon a time in America, Scarface, A Bronx Tale, The Untouchables, Miller's Crossing and Casino. They are essentially Italian based with the exception of Scarface (Cuban) and Miller's Crossing (Irish). Of course, what constitutes a "mob" flick needs to be defined and I'm not about to do this here but it has included films like: Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, The Departed (this is a good one and is about the Irish), On the Waterfront, Road to Perdition, Analyze This, Bonnie and Clyde - though AT was a comedy and BC was about bank robbers. 'Hoodlum' was a nice change for its black versus German angle. Boyz 'N the Hood was a decent film that explored African-American gangsters.

'Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai' was a culture non-related flick (though the Italians did not lurk far behind in this one) of incredible value. Well worth searching out and watching.

And who can forget the golden age of gangster films in the 1930s, 40s and 50s?

Whatever. It won't change my long winded point.

I hear there's an Armenian mob. Would you care if they made a film about it?

Italian culture in general is an easy and enticing target. Ubiquitous, large and vocal, the community is still fair game for major stereotypes that would make other cultures cringe. You live and die by the sword as a wop. The creators of 'Happy Days' originally intended for Arthur Fonzarelli to be a blue-eyed Swede. They went with the cool, greaser of Italian origin. The Fonz would not have had the same lasting effect otherwise. Of course, played by a Jew. All Jews play the part of Italians - it's in the contract.

And the list goes on. Italians = ratings for whatever reasons; good or bad.

A few years back I remember a Greek friend of mine being "insulted" at how "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" negatively portrayed Greeks. I almost spit out my campari as she spewed these words. "Have you seen the work done on the Italians?" I told her. To say nothing of Mexicans/Hispanics, blacks, Irish, Germans and Jews. Maybe Greeks are not used to being in the spotlight. They got off easy; MBFGW is tame.

I digress...again.

What I was trying to get at is that I predict (based on nothing but personal observations) that the rise of the Russian mafia in not only North America but in world criminal affairs, may be able to succeed where the Irish or the Jews could not- to rival the old style Italian-based gangster flick.

Personally, a thoroughly enjoyable Russian mob film is 'Little Odessa' starring Tim Roth.

So. Are the Russians coming and will it redefine how mob films are explored? The question for Italians is this: will they welcome this or will they resent losing the spotlight even if it means finally alleviating the stereotype?

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