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These days we throw words around like a cheap tramp at a party in a forest. People are falling all over themselves calling other people racist and how the U.S. government is guilty of genocide for example. These are serious allegations with serious implications and consequences for the people who are charged and targeted with such words.

Over the last few years, Americans have called for the impeachment of TWO Presidents - one from each major party. If Clinton was a victim of the right then Bush a victim of a radical left. What triggered this, of course, was Katrina. Like bats out of hell, people screamed bloody murder and desperately wanted to prove how decadent America really is.

It is one thing to hurl criticism about how the relief effort and general response to it unfolded and quite another to make a leap of faith and demand the resignation of a President for something that had very little to do with him. There is no doubt there was a serious breakdown.

However, we still need to treat facts and evidence prudently. When the mass hysteria settles one may find that the early reports of rape and looting were not necessarily the norm nor proof of a social breakdown - nor was it proof of a white, racist and indifferent America. People will pick and choose their facts like they do grocery items so as to fit it to their perceptions. Real intellectualism entails trying to be objective.

The reality, from what I have read, is that New Orleans was built below sea level on a swampy land mass. Originally, the French built the city with sturdy plans. The rest of the city as it expanded was built flimsily. The levee's were the victim of petty politics that stretched back 40 years (right up until Bush's AND Clinton's cuts) and there is no guarantee that had they been reinforced they would have withstood Katrina's power. Even linking Kyoto, Bush and Katrina is a stretch to mild mannered individuals with a dissident streak.

My point is that there's too much that works against calling for impeachment. Save it for a real clear cut offense - And no, Iraq does not qualify. Some may feel it was a mistake but it's a far cry from impeachment. Even under the premise of being lied to is tenuous as again there is much evidence to counter the opposite. It is time for people to truly comprehend what they are saying. Perhaps it is time we critically assess those making the charges? What other words do we throw around without giving much thought to?

Here's another unrelated question: What system devised by humans is more inherent of human values and the human spirit? Capitalism or communism and its off shoots?

Finally, someone asked how can the Democratic party be saved? The patients have taken over the asylum at this point. The doctors have to take it back. That means a great leader of great courage and vision has to come in. So far, this has proven to be non-existent. If not, gut the whole thing or start a brand new party to restore true liberalism. I was watching CNN and happened upon Nancy Pelosi. "Oh, my Lord" I thought to myself.

Go with the last two options. Whenever a tragedy happens, blatantly exposed is the true spots and colors of all that would be pure - that they are no different than big business seeking a just profit. Only theirs is an industry of social entrepreneurs (like an Al Sharpton for example) who prey upon the helpless under
the guise of righteousness. I have one word for 'em all - self-serving dumbasses.

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  1. Really enjoyed your blog. Your post made a lot of sense. In what seems like a world of anti-american Bush haters it's nice to see someone with common sense.


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