Hubba Dubya

"....I am part of the problem and I am also part of the solution..." With these little words, this should be enough to simmer down the howls of concerns. Perhaps even subdue the thousands of blogs, articles and words calling for his head. Of course, we will cynically spin this about face. He does nothing he's drilled by everyone. He offers something and he'll be ridiculed. Too many people have eloquently and furiously pointed out the problems and few offered any solutions.

The screaming has subsided, the bellies breathe heavily but silently, a leader faces his people. The yelling, for sure, shall commence once more. Let us dwell and let us write letters. Let us fill the holes of perceptions with dirt but if we can organize and march it will hide the blemish inside our minds. What is past is not past, see. For our pride and ego is wounded. He be the false prince and the meek will right it! We demand, we demand...! Ah but first, the glare of the mirror. Blinding in its power we fight its rays. We fight with all our vocal might. Impeding a move forward.


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  5. Personally I think it is not my place to offer solutions... I am just a rider, making notes along the way. I am not the driver, nor do I want to be. :)

  6. We will stop holding Bush to the fire when he actually delivers on one of his promises. He is a liar, and his speech taking responsibility is no different.


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