By the Numbers: Comparing the Montreal Canadiens and New York Yankees

The Golden Era of two Dynasties compared: Eerily similar?


From 1926 to 1964, the Yankees won 19 World Series titles. During this 38-year span, the Bronx Bombers reached the finals 26 times achieving a 19-7 record or a .731% winning percentage. Broken down further, New York won 50% of the titles and were in the finals 68% of the time. Notable opponents included the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers whom the Yankees had a winning record against of 6-2. The New York Giants (4-1). During their long run, New York went 2-3 against the St. Louis Cardinals. The only team to earn a winning record against the New York Yankees.

Consecutive Championships: 5 ('49-'53), 4 ('36-'39), 3 ('98-'00), 2 ('27-'28), 2 ('61-'62)

Other Clubs played during this span: Pittsburgh Pirates (1-1), Milwaukee Braves (1-1), Chicago Cubs (2-0), Cincinnati Reds (2-0), Philadelphia Phillies (1-0)


In 30 years from 1951 to 1981, the Habs won 16 Stanley Cups while reaching the finals a total of 21 times. This earned them a .721% winning percentage. Les Habitants won 53% of the Cups as well as reaching the finals 70% of the time. Their main rivals included the Boston Bruins (5-0), Toronto Maple Leafs (2-2) and Detroit Red Wings (2-3). The only hockey club, like the Cards against the Yanks, to have a winning record against les Canadiens.

Consecutive Championships: 5 ('56-'60), 4 ('76-'79), 2 ('65-'66), 2 ('68-'69), 2 ('30-'31)

Other Clubs: Chicago Blackhawks (3-0), St.Louis Blues (2-0), Philadelphia Flyers (1-0), New York Rangers (1-0)

Years: Yankees 38; Canadiens 30
Titles: Yankees 19; Canadiens 16
Percentage of titles won: Yankees 50%; Canadiens 53%
Finals Appearances: Yankees 26; Canadiens 21
Percentage/finals appearance: Yanks 68% (19-7); Habs 70% (16-5)
Winning % in finals: Yankees .731; Canadiens .762

Other Great North American Pro-Sports Dynasties:

Boston Celtics: Between 1957-1969 won 11 NBA titles going 11-1 (.917%) during that span. They won 82% of the titles and reached the finals in 92% of the time. Their main rivals were the Minneapolis/L.A. Lakers (7-0). They also met the St.Louis Hawks four times earning a 3-1 record.

Green Bay Packers: From 1960-1967 the Packers won 5 NFL titles in 6 attempts 5-1 (.832%). This translates into 63% of the championships and 75% of the appearances. They went 2-0 against the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

Edmonton Eskimos: The years 1973-1982 saw 6 Grey Cup titles go to this CFL club. In addition, they made it to the finals 3 times for a 6-3 (.667) record. Edmonton won 60% of the titles and 90% of the finals missing only one year. The Eskimos faced off against the Montreal Alouettes 5 times in this period and won 3 times (3-2).

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