They Have The Blood Of Children On Their Hands

It's come out the suspects (or at least one of them) who carried out the gross, murderous, cowardly act at an Ariane Grande concert in Manchester were known to police having been reported by people who attended the same Mosque. They had told police the person (s) had become radicalized.

Yet, the police did nothing.

They sat on their stupid, politically correct asses choosing instead to play politics and political correctness by going after people on Twitter for hate speech.

This is what's become of Great Britain; the West. Where we go after our own before the perpetuators.

Now. This is not to say the blame falls squarely on the those who committed the crimes. They possessed their own moral agency and chose to do it. I'm just pouting out the failure of law enforcement to protect citizens possibly made harder by the absurdity of political correctness.

It's worth noting Muslims are not victims and do not face anywhere near the levels of hare the Jews do. And Christians around the world. 

Why have we given them victim status? Why are we turning a blind eye to their activities?

They have children's blood on their hands. 

British law enforcement and politicians do thanks to the cesspool of political correctness they've hideously engineered.

Rotherham or Manchester.

There's something wrong. 

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