Colbert-Hillary Law Of Faux Righteousness And Derp

One way to determine the true natural state of a position or belief system is to observe how it reacts to events it disagrees with. I will attempt to argue here blame and justified violence is the end game for the progressive left. It's not by design (at least I hope it isn't; although progressive policies often are) but a result of their poorly thought out musings. They don't necessarily realize where their reactions can all end up.

For example, for this let's consider Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert. Those purveyors of progressive thought; the torch bearers for all that is decent and just. I think I will ordain this the Colbert-Hilary dictum - which, as you will see, includes Antfa and climate change supporters.

In the aftermath of the election ushering in Donald Trump, the reaction didn't lead to an introspection of where and why things went wrong. Rather, it was a straight, full blown attack principally focused on the people (deplorables), the system (electoral college), outside influences (Russia), and inside influences (Comey).

Clinton and her supporters, as well as Obama who after the election ensured the smooth transition was anything but, didn't once help to calm people's fears and concerns. They cynically permitted emotion and passion to drive the narrative to help deflect from the facts as to why she lost. If there wasn't already plenty in Hillary's resume that suggested she was a leader, this said much of her character.

True leaders as we've come to understand it, don't let the people get riled up like this. Obama knowingly played this up during race riots and Hillary did it after the election.

One can argue that emotions were hight and she was just expressing herself. Perhaps, but four months after the election they still cling on to it. If anything, they've double-down on the 'blame' strategy.

I don't know if this is by design or just the prevailing attitude and belief system that resides within the progressive Democrat ranks.

The more we find out why she lost, the more they double-down.

In the case of Colbert, he has yet to issue an apology. This doesn't surprise me because I've observed a certain indignant sense of faux-righteousness among progressives since Trump. As one person I know said, 'I am smarter than Trump supporters'.

When I took issue with his hysterical reaction laced with racism and emotional drivel, I called him out and asked him to settled down and apply the logic he holds dear - so he claimed.

I haven't heard from him since.

Never challenge a progressive. They will choose the narrative over you.

To me, even if Colbert apologizes it likely won't be contrite. From what we've come to see - as per their own actions and words - what's more probable is he truly believes what he said.

In their minds, Trump is so foul calling him names is a legitimate tactic; a tool of intellect.

Consider Antifa. Whoever these people are, they've created a pool of justifications in defense of their actions. Since Trump is so clearly a Nazi-Fascist, his supporters deserve to be 'punched in the face' and to have their property damaged or destroyed. And if they defend themselves, use that as proof of their 'racism' and 'violence'. Provoke and shame is their tactic.

I trust most level headed individuals see right through this.

But if you're the type that's employing a variation of 'I can see why' this is no different than thinking 'I believe in free speech but...'

The bottom line is we are all taught violence is not acceptable under any any circumstance. This development is especially absurd given they're doing so against a democratically elected official.

When you push progressives into a corner, the mask slips off.

They advocate for violence and hate in the name of the narrative posing as an intellectual position.

If you think this is not manifesting itself outside the movement, you may be in for a surprise. Just visit progressive threads and listen to celebrities (who always took the side of the left-wing from fascists to communists). Did you not notice the speech given recently by a cast member of 'Stranger Things'? Or if you think 'cooler heads' will prevail just pay close attention to Elizabeth Warren's 'fight'  analogies.

Or how they remove piece of history as is the case now with Confederate artifacts. This is not progress; this causes ill-will and friction. It's unenlightened 'fuck you that's why'. Nothing else.

Or, more recently, how suddenly it's okay to mock a woman as they've done after Le Pen shed tears after her defeats. Nope. No misogyny here! We were literally told that under no circumstances were there any literal reason to not vote for Hillary. But Marie Le Pen is different'. It's always different for an ideology with no principles.

Yes. There's friction. There was under Obama and there is under Trump.

But if you care to notice, progressive Democrats thrive under such conditions.

It's their aphrodisiac; their heroin.

Blame and violence. A toxic mix the progressive left have become a tad too skillful at.

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