Mother, What Is Irony?

Predictably, the media isn't setting the record straight in keeping citizens informed in the case of James Comey. Rather, it chose to delve into 'why' and 'why now?' and all other irrelevant questions meant to deflect from the facts of his record.

Here's the thing I find most interesting. Both Democrats and Republicans, former Deputy Attorney-Generals and AG's who either would have fired or agreed with the dismissal of Comey.

It sounds like he did serious damage to the FBI and failed to recognize he did such harm to the Bureau's reputation and image. It is more than likely Hillary would have fired him had she won (which I guarantee would have garnered a different spin from the media. Masnbridge on the CBC the other day made the sly connection to Nixon).

When you look at the facts, every serious scholar and observer agrees Comey needed to go.

So what is the issue?

As it always is. My guy or gal did or did not do it.

Molyneux does a great job of juxtaposing before and after the firing comments of top Democrats including Pelosi, Sanders and others. That they even manage to function as a party and to keep straight faces is a marvel only God can answer at this point. They literally went from 'fire Comey' to 'Trump acted brazenly' for firing him. Even though the dismissal was warranted.

That's all it is. The rest is all noise.

And the noise has reached absurd, if not dangerous levels. The left better chill a little because their fake resistance panic is going to go too far. So far Trump has not done a single thing to garner such reactions. The reactionary impulses is due to the perceived dislike of Trump and little to do with reason and policy.

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