Current Affairs: Ah-nold, Libya,Liberal Party, NHL

-A few years back Arnold's hometown in Austria and its politicians took the asinine decision of stripping him of his citizenship. Why? Because of his position on capital punishment. Yeesh, wouldn't want to be in that town if I ever disagreed with them. It got me thinking about Libya and its dubious decision to condemn to death five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. Where is the world outrage at this? Silly fricken me. It's just Bulgaria and a Palestinian involved. Bush is nowhere near this one. The beasts sleep tonight.

-So Stephane Dion unveiled his 'dream team,' eh? I said, EH? Let's see. Scott Brison, Bob Rae, Martha Hall and George Kennedy. Wha-um? This is the Big Four that are expected to lead the Liberals to power? To deliver strong and free Canada from whatever malaise grips this political wasteland? Are they kidding me? Wait. This just in. They are not kidding. Liberals never tell jokes or laugh I am told. They prefer to do it in real life.

We've got a cross-dresser, er, a cross-floorer - sorry. Let me start over. A former Conservative and a former Socialist in Brison and Rae. Solid integrity credentials there. No problem here. I do have a problem with the token lady. Kidding. Couldn't resist. A token lady nonetheless. And finally the 'young' hipster. Yup, they got all the pieces in place. All we need is a CBC script to get this drama baby going and we're in business. Watch the ratings soar!

Man, the Libs are more delusional than I first thought. Why, they're almost as lost as the NDP! Dion says he will run (and trip) ON THE SAME PLATFORM AS Chretien in 1993. Yeah, there's a sound model. If one wanted proof that the Liberals are simply operating on some other astral plane this is it. Just call them the Retro Party. I shouldn't complain. They just saved me a headache of making a decision on who to vote. The Liberals may lose me for good if this keeps up. Golly gee, I wish there was an Independent. A real third way.

This is so weird that it has to be me, right? It's me. I knew it. I'm the one that is lost. Phew. Canada will be O-tay!

-Why the NHL will never rival the big boys. Reason #436473213200128383. I just came back from Toronto. One of the things I enjoy the most when I visit other cities is listening to local radio. While in Canada's largest city I caught The Fan 590. Here in Montreal, one of the things that earned the ears of broadcasters and hockey fans was the schedule. Notably, that the Habs were not going to play the Detroit Red Wings. For many of us, this is an omission on the part of the NHL of gross incompetence. The Wings are an Original Six team. As such, they are always a welcomed adversary. Many fans voiced their displeasure and disapproval about this. It makes no sense that Original Six clubs don't play each other more often. The NHL says it honours its traditions yet it goes out and fails in one of the easier marketing weapons they have in their arsenal.

The same topic hit T.O. It seems that the Leafs don't play the Wings a whole lot this year either- I think they play them once. For a league that is starving for natural rivalries they sure know how to ignore one under their noses. You can't get more natural and historic than this one. Absurd when you think of it. Between the Leafs, Wings and Habs there's quite a bit of history - one that dates back to the 1940s and 50s.

It's kinda hard to get a grip or read on the state of the NHL. As a league it don't look all that hot. Of course not, it's run by an old boys network whose idea of brilliant marketing is, well, you got saw the scheduling. This from a group that added shoot-outs and the concept of earning a point for losing. Self-esteem experts must have had a say in this. Apparently they want to widen the nets now. Yes, cosmetics always ensure long and sustainable growth. Dring, dring, dring.

As a sport, I think hockey is fine. In fact, I would not be surprised if at the grass roots level it's growing in the United States. So these are indeed two different things. Yet, one esteemed commentator thinks the 'NHL is heading in the right direction.' If you consider heading into the Bermuda Triangle is good then I guess the NHL is ok after all. Silly, frivolous me.

Good job les boys.

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