The World As It Is

I'm a little tired and can barely keep up anymore with all the news and stories I'm reading. I didn't even know what to title this post. Anyway....

Harper explains why Trump got elected:

I have to say, I'm happy and impressed at the amount of Canadians doing their parts in setting order in a disorderly world at the moment.

In the wider context of Western culture, we really need to rethink some things over. For example, here's a story about how Humberside police in the UK are investigating thought crime. They can, as an aside, go fuck themselves. Meanwhile, the same police turned a blind eye to horrific sex crimes against children. Such cowardice.

This is where a) we need to protect free speech and b) assert the biological and scientific fact there are only two genders. This is not 'hate crime'. If this is so, then we're in serious trouble.

Not to mention the issue of illegal immigration in the United States where too many people simply tolerate the breaking of laws. This is also not a good trend. And like defending (it really is amazing we're at this point) science is not hate, wanting to deal with illegal immigration does not equate to being anti-immigration as depicted too often on the left.

I also, as I free form here, want to ban the term 'our democracy is under attack' as Kmala Harris recently uttered. Harris, you know, the one who slept with a married man to get ahead and was anything but a progressive while serving as AG in California. Another cult of the personality is being created around someone. Remember when hysterical people screamed 'what am I gonna tell my daughters?' after Trump's election? I wonder if they're freaking out over Harris's immorality if not sleaziness. Will they wonder what they'll tell their daughters if she gets elected? Something tells me they won't.

To get back on the attack democracy trope. You mean like how the UK is ignoring and making a mockery of Brexit? Right. Because that's 'democracy' to deny the people their voice after a legal referendum.

The only people 'attacking democracy' are the ones who scream the most about it being under attack whenever things don't go their damn way. Just like the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.

Preserving the sanctity of laws, respecting our shared culture and history and ensuring free speech remains in tact are some of the issues we need to once and for all take seriously.

Because from where I sit, we're not on a good path.

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