Of Gun Control, Excessive Bureaucracy Red Tape And Civil Disobedience

I preemptively apologize for this scattered rant. I just wanted to get these thoughts off before I skedaddle out of here.

You can just feel in your bones there's a whole lot of government over reach going on these days. From asinine anti-scientific plastic and straw bans, to cronyism in Quebec's day-care system (more on this in a minute), to over bearing fines, to the rise of anti-gun legislation that flatly contradicts the inalienable rights clearly enshrined in the Constitution. I cherry pick but a few because there are literally hundreds of these I come across per month across North America.

The only way for the average person to actually feel the pinch of what usually are counter-productive and misguided rules and regulations vulnerable to unintended consequences is if they're directly affected by it. For example, if you own a business or gun and have to deal with the stupidity of the bureaucracy.

Often, the bureaucracy is so confused it doesn't even know what's happening within or between their agencies.

It's maddening and frustrating to have to ping pong around the mazes always repeating from scratch a story you have to convey because there are so many departments.

Right there should be a red flag. Like the guy in Washington D.C. going around in a nap-sack enforcing the city's retarded straw ban. One, seriously dude, get a real fucken job. Two, I can't believe it's come to a point where emotions constantly triumph over reason. Three, stop copying the insanity of California! That is not a progressive state. That's what happens when you have a one-party system living in a myopic vortex of bad ideas. There's no mechanism in California whereby someone can say, 'hey man, all these things we're doing are left-wing narratives. Maybe we should slow down a little?'

And they tell us the bureaucracy isn't bloated? Would he be considered an 'essential service'?

Over fucken straws? Because a turtle had one stuck up his nose we have to ban it?

Oh, won't someone think of the kittens who get tangled up in plastic bags and choke!?!

 Is this a joke?

If you support these sort of things you abdicate the notion of claiming to be 'for science'.

No you're not.

You're a pant-shitting, nannying control freak.


With that rant out of the way a quick word on Quebec and the daycare industry. Last year the Liberal government passed I believe it was Bill 43 with new laws regulating the industry. Naturally, it wasn't all that friendly to private daycares (which was very disappointing given the government and the Minister at the time were very open to our plight and business friendly). But one thing that really got my cynic instincts going is the fact we have to jump on a website called La Place 0-5.

It's not a service I need or requested but the government counters they want to ensure 'standards' and 'access' and all that for people. As if they were incompetent baboons incapable of finding their way in life.

My business is largely word of mouth driven. I like it that way. It ensures a certain stability and quality but overall security to the children. Everyone knows each other and knows our reputation.

I built it with ZERO help of the Mandarins. I kept myself out of all the politics because it detracts from my work.

So we had to sign on.

But wait there's more to this story.

One day I get an email from them, which I generally ignore but I noticed it was a notice of payment. It's okay though. They gave me a....DISCOUNT!

Apparently, I owed them money for the service I didn't ask for but was forced to sign onto.

Immediately I thought 'who the fuck is running this crony racket?'

Well, it's been three months I've been trying to find out who these people are and how did they score this racket gig. How's this for transparency? No one could tell me. No one knows what this mystery site is. The association I pay to find these things out say the government isn't telling and the CFIB has yet to get back to me on this as they were unaware of this little nugget.


The government is there to 'partner' with us.

As of today, I have refused to pay them and have no idea what will become of this.

I want answers.


I just completed registering my shot gun with Quebec's new long-gun laws.

It infuriates me that I had to do this.

One, it's my damn gun I inherited and don't think the government needs to know about it. Two, there is literally no reason for this over reach. None. Gun crime in Quebec and Canada is not on the rise. Moreover, they didn't learn from the Federal long-gun registry which was a financial and inefficient disaster. In their infinite wisdom they figured why not?


Unfortunately, Canada doesn't have a 2nd Amendment and we're at the mercy of non-gun owners and their ignorance, the media and their natural opposition to gun rights, and the politicians too gutless to stand up for these rights.

I hope it ends here but I don't think it will be.

I felt dirty after filling it out.


So far I have agued there is no science date or statistics to back up plastic bans or to create a long-gun registry.


Thank God in America the impulse - however weak - for liberty is alive. At some point, the people have to say, 'enough of this shit'. If you don't push back it will continue to fester and grow like gangrene.

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