A Video Clip People Should Be Aware Of

Below are the musings of a teacher and a socialist. She believes in a 'militant' democratic socialist government (whatever that entails but for those more endowed with a literal bent let's just say it leads to death and camps) one in which that is 'left of Bernie Sanders'.

A couple of things that really startled me - well not really. The first is the utter disregard of the fact the gentleman she's speaking to actually lived and experienced life under socialism/communism which has no distinction since they do tend to merge into one bloody ugly ideology. Talk about unabashed arrogance.

The second, and more subtle, is her 'that's how it starts' in describing getting to her socialist utopia (through violent means - how else to take her 'militant' comment? Then again, earlier she expressed no interest in revolution since they inevitably (and correctly) lead to a bloody mess. Seems contradictory).

In other words, get useful idiots to vote for Bernie Sanders. Get the snake in the room. Feel the Bern and then unleash the 'real' and 'true' socialists.

Folks. This is indeed how it begins and you can thank this bit of honesty from Grandma Gulag.

Never let them know where the guns are. Ever.

The Second Amendment must be preserved as written and interpreted.

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