The Extremism Of The Perpetually Offended And Angry

A couple of posts on how everyone seems to be upset or offended about anything, everything and nothing. It's all 'she's a witch burn her' all the time with this bunch of lynch mobs.

What can you do? It's a time where feelings and emotions counts more for evidence and reason.

First up, Reason magazine.

Second, CTV Montreal's Barry Wilson nails it in his 'Outrage is the new normal' postscript.

Be careful Barry. You're just another privileged white guy.

And Lenny Bruce.

Words only matter when you make them matter.

Nigger, chink, wop, mick, spic, hymie - whatever.

Just bloody effen words.

And when you move to censor words you've lost the plot.

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  1. The concern is more with following some set of prescribed clinical regiments of "proper" self-expression than it is one of expressing views and opinions of actual substance and significance.

    Procedure is "more important than" intent and purpose.


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