We'll always have Paris

Up until now, I have resisted much in my life. I have avoided drug addiction, bad credit and crime. I have always avoided needless fights (choosing to protect my teeth instead) and altercations with police. I never got arrested for DUI. I often eluded bad defenses in soccer preying upon their exposed weaknesses and striking fear into opposing goal keepers. I have defied many a bad television program and never asked for the autograph of a celebrity. I have worked in places I hated and I always aim to offer what I can to society - Even if it means bestowing upon all my brethren this blog. This...this thing.

For this, I am conservative. And for that, I am grateful.

Several hundred blog posts and never a mention of Paris Hilton. Until this sweet marvel of a warm night. The streak is over. Cry not for me dear readers and fellow thinkers. I have cracked. If anything, take joy in my human-ness. In my vulnerabilities. I am but one mere mortal of mediocre capabilities in an inelegant verbose sea.

I could no longer escape the Hilton trash pop culture machine. So, I beg of your forgiveness that I must profess a certain need to express these thoughts and words.

I do not know much about her. Nor can I recall the last time I was in a Hilton Hotel. I digress. All I have gathered from her is what I have read in the headlines which are so terribly hard to miss. As you know, the are usually splashed across our so-called print mediums of higher information with such a ferocious force, you can be excused for taking it as real news. Much more I can not speak of. How can one learn more about such a person if there is nothing to ponder? Just a vast, empty space. I'd rather stare at Homer Simpson's brain.

I have met, dined and attended school with many Paris Hilton's - perhaps not as obscenely rich and popular but stupendously rich nonetheless. They are all the same. They are - and I do generalize - one boring mass and gigantic quilt of pointlessnesss. All the money the world can provide they attract but very little else.

She is not the only one. We know of other trivial celebrities with little accomplishments. They often get their own reality shows. Yet, why do we feel compelled to report and consume their existence and indiscretions? If we know they are insignificant, why then read about them? Or is that people are hypocrites and don't know better?

Nah. I do not blame just these broads. They are a mess and evidently could have used some wise guidance that seems utterly lacking in their lives. Heaven knows I am not defending them; they willingly chose to play a fine game with fame and they sometimes take slap in the face for it. Just trying to pretend - ah forget the verbosity. They're stupid people. Rich white trash or hick white trash; what's the bloody difference?

But editors love them. It's one thing for American newspapers to be enthralled by them, but what's the Canadian excuse? Why are our newspaper joining in on the fun? How can we not conclude that they are one step above tabloids if all they want is to sell papers? And why are they reporitng it on the front pages anyway? The social disturbance many speak of does not only come by way of the Paris Hilton's of this world. It's a two-way street. It takes two to tango in Argentina my love and the media is an all too willing participant. We as spectators pay top dollars for the crap.

The joke is not on Hilton being whisked away in tears - though it was quite amusing and disturbing at the same time. Amusing because, well, she made her bed and chose her path. Disturbing because she was completely oblivious to the ideas of accountability for her actions.

Nope. The joke, dear friends and readers, is on us. On me. I have fallen (falling?) for the bait. Cry along with me. We all take pleasure in this spectacle and that is the sad truth of our persistent decadence. It's always been this way and it will always be.

I wonder who the next Paris Hilton will be once this batch of socialite brownies burn themselves out.


  1. Commentator, if thy teevee offend thee, turn it off.

  2. Absolutely. I whored myself - excuse the Paris pun - with this post. Then again, even South Park jumped on the train to Paris so why not dear old TC? There were Paris Hilton's during Roman times - as Juvenal so recites - and there will always be a Paris Hilton in the future. It is what it is. We may not like it but someone out there does or else she would not make the cover of so many North American papers or get on TV. That's the overall point I guess.


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