Rex Murphy is the Best; Harper gets passing grade

-The Canadian Public Corporation (CBC) is often under attack for media bias. Regardless, CBC programming is actually solid as a whole. One show that deserves mention is Rex Murphy's Cross Country Checkup. Every Sunday it is easy to spend two hours listening to his radio show which covers all sorts of international and domestic issues that face Canada.

Murphy is a superb interviewer and exhibits a certain genuine interest and patience that is lacking on talk radio. More importantly, I have no idea where on the ideological scale he lies - and this is important when steering a political show. His callers are well-informed and articulate. To compliment this, they are rightfully accorded generous time to express their opinions. He engages and treats people with intellectual respect. This makes for a thoroughly enriching radio experience.

For those of you unfamiliar with Rex Murphy I do encourage you to take the time to learn about him.

-As a Parliament winds down why not offer a grade on the Harper minority government? In a nutshell, he gets a passing grade. He gets a scented strawberry sticker on his scrap book from me.

Far from perfect, Harper has led with competence and conviction. One may disagree with his positions but very few can argue with his leadership qualities and abilities. He has made Canada respectable again - which means countries actually listen to us politely as opposed to outright ignoring us.

With the media hard on him from the onset combined with a Conservative minority status, one has to conclude he's done a fair job. As for the Liberals, the rhetoric (all baby boomer based)coming out of the red camp remains the same and resonates little with younger generations. Mr. Dion is clearly more scholar than politician (and that's a good thing in some ways). His fellow Liberal Michael Ignatieff also comes from an academic background but he strikes me as someone fully capable to step up and act political. As for the others, NDP, Green...oh, my garlic is about to burn. Gotta go.

However, cynicism persists and Parliament continues to be pestered with plain partisanship. This, truth be told, deprives the nation of ideas and legislation that benefits the entire country.

I guess they missed the episode about "cooperation" on Sesame Street.

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