Is You Tube in Need of Some Standards?

The Internet: the highway with no end. How would the Catholic Church and Gallileo have dealt with it? And where is Cola di Rienzi anyway?

Rhetoric aside, the Internet is both a blessing and not. It puts everyone, the talented and those without it, on an equal playing field - up to a point. It gives people who would never be given a shot in the mainstream a shot at success. The proverbial "to be heard" mantra if you will.

In terms of writing, sites like Blogcritics are a godsend. Why should writing be restricted to an elitist, tight group? Provided that the abilitiy is there, everyone deserves a chance. I do not advocate allowing mediocrity reign nor am I an egalitarian but as it stands it doesn't sound or look as though people are getting a fair shake. Usually, the cream does rise and I trust that this is usually the case. If you are wallowing around in failure and are looking to pit blame on someone else perhaps it's time to look at what you are doing wrong.

Ok, let's bring You Tube into this. You Tube is the latest evolution of humans given the platform to express themselves - to "Broadcast Yourself" as the clever tag describes. You Tube is like the invention of printing press in that it spreads information (more like images) like wildfire.

Yet, I found myself leaving YouTube. Interestingly, they threaten that if you leave you can never come back again. Good riddance I say.

I grew tired and weary of the narcissistic junk people post. Of the senseless intellectual debauchery on the site. Of the claims and snake oil approaches posted by people who have no accountability provisions. There are many fabulous videos on the site by people who take their craft seriously. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it is purposeless.

You Tube demonstrates that there's a new lineage of people developing who act independently of the established "mainstream" world. Not that this is anything new. They've always been there; it's just that society and history never listened. Now, with You Tube, they are being forced to heed attention. But are they saying anything?

I'm not sure. Much that passes as knowledge really isn't. It seems like we've heard all this before.

In any event, this is not my issue. In the end, if I had to choose sides I would pick the Internet and You Tube. At least we can see how brilliant or stupid we can be out on the open. Once uon a time societies had all sorts of ways to keep the dumb out of the realms of influence and power. The Internet changed this.

However, I do contend it is time for it to become responsible. It would not be a bad idea to exhibit some maturity and to take the initiative. The people who run You Tube have a powerful tool in their hands; it's like a weapon - A massive knowledge and information based weapon. By this virtue alone it is incumbent that they take this seriously.

The only thing I would suggest to You Tube is that they introduce standards. I understand that they can't discriminate; that the Internet is open to all and that people will find other means to show their stuff. But You Tube operates in a different universe now. It wouldn't hurt to have some loose idea of what content they deem appropriate.

Until that happens You Tube will cintribute nothing of value to society. It's merely a place where people go to see the latest cool slam dunk or music video. In terms of making any true, profound contribution to the post modern, post industrial age it may be limited.

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