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I never do this but sometimes it's not so bad to let others into your mind. It's rather hard folks to get to know The Commentator - though Oprah did a good job. See link - but I govern who gets to know me quite tightly. I'm not good in crowded circles. I'm not the sort of guy who will 'work the room.' But working a room via a blog - now that's something I can do!

In 1990, I went to Europe for the first time. It was quite an experience. The one thing that stood out was the chance I had to play some soccer in France and Italy. Particularly in Italy where the game is taken to exhalted heights.

One night under the bright Calabria stars, I was invited to play with Italians. I had torn my ACL earlier in the year and was wearing a brace so I could not play at full throttle but I did my best. After the first game ended, they decided on a second match before heading to the beach. It was there a chap by the name of Nino said "I don't care what you guys do but I want this kid on my team." When Nino spoke everyone listened. You tend to get that sort of attention when you played 2nd and 3rd division professional calcio in Italy.

I was surprised by this. "Why me?" I asked him. "You see the game well. Add your passes are sublime. All I need you to do is feed me so I can practice my kicks." So I did. It was almost comical.

Later in the pristine beach waters of Reggio, Nino came up to me and asked where I learnt to play. He talked about how it was too bad that no one ever took me aside and developed the raw talent he saw. I thanked him for the flattery but I was not even the best player on my team. It didn't matter to him. He considered the people who ran the system in Canada as fools. That I agreed with.

Where am I going with this? I was recently told the same very thing about my writing. Now that I think back, people who knew had always suggested I explore a career in writing in some capacity. Now that I think of it this included two High School English teachers, three University History professors, a successful lawyer, an esteemed banker, an editor and a National Post columnist who went as far as to suggest that I am already strong enough to write for the National Post. That sort of stuff gets you thinking.

This person remarked that I needed a mentor to take my writing to another level. What I write on my blog and elsewhere are two different things but I do plan to start posting them.

I fear I may have come to my senses too late. When I was in my 20s I was just not in the right frame of mind to write. I did not believe I had the 'oomph' factor. Still don't know. I was busy fooling around and feeding my huge reading appetite. Ah, the days. Will I pay the price?

It's been quite an ordeal convincing editors to take on a rookie. They don't know I am disciplined and hold a special philosophical approach. I believe writing is a weapon and left in the wrong hands it will murder innocent minds. It can committ criminal intellectual felonies. Lord only knows we see our fair share of this these days.

Many like my material but I seem to be caught in a numbers game. More often than not, I get no responses. My pieces are well-organized, researched and thought out. I use lucid words and avoid too many adverbs and unnecessary adjectives.

Furthermore, editors say they are looking for 'original' content. I have no idea what that means and plan to write a separate blog about it. Yet, I see very little original content around me. The fact is that many are just as confused as writers are. If they want original ideas then I am the right guy. But how do you explain and convince that in a query - that monstrosity that teeters on begging. In my world, getting to know the person first is the most important thing. I know, I know. It doesn't work that way.

Quick story. For the fun of it I pitched an idea directly to the President of NBC. Well, exchanged emails a few times. "Sounds interesting and original. Tell me more." So I did. Suddenly he realizes that I am not a runner or one of his putzes and throws all sorts of legal jargon as to why he couldn't continue with me. Despite my disappointment, I knew I had something the networks could use and my little exchange with this guy confirmed my thoughts. I have the emails to prove it - in case NBC steals my idea.

To those who know me, they can attest to my giant portfolio of original ideas already written out. The thing must way 9 pounds by now.

You name it, I've written it - except porn. God I hope I don't reach those levels. "Uh, TC do you have that Inuit blowjob scene written for us?" "It used to be about the sex man...."

So now you know a little about me and who fricken cares? It's been challenging. But you know what? I love it. In the raw.

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