Canadians are Babies: Disgrace at the World Hockey Championships

The World Junior Hockey Championships is a great tournament. It brings together the world's best hockey talent from 10 countries and provides outstanding hockey. With it comes the pure raw energetic emotion only teenagers can bring. No sport - besides soccer - pays attention to its youth through major tournaments like hockey does on an international scale.

This year the tournament was held in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are at the end of the tournament and Canada and Russia will square off against one another for the gold. The United States will play Finland for the bronze.

Now to my main point. During the U.S./Russia game a curious incident took place. Some Vancouverites began chanting 'Russia, Russia' and 'U.S. sucks' during the game. Remember, these are 18 and 19 year-old kids. Now, Canadian reactionary anti-Americanism is well known since 9/11 but this was too much for this viewer. It was sickening to watch them get up and cheer Russian goals (the Russians dominated and proved too much to handle for a skillful American squad who heavily favored to win the tournament).

Freedom of speech my ass. It is less the fact that they cheered Russia but more of how utterly stupid this country has become at sporting events towards Americans.

First, most American players, if they are not playing at the Collegiate level, play in Canada. They represent Canadian towns and their fans. How in good conscience can Canadians boo them? Mind you, this took place in a big city and big city folk care little for the impact of their actions. Junior hockey is played in small towns and the tournament should have stayed there. Maybe we would have been spared this sort of repugnant behavior. Second, Canadians often complain that there are 'too many Europeans' in the NHL. Nice. Here they are cheering Russia? Third, Russia is Canada's sworn hockey enemy. It's like if Yankees fan stands up and cheers the Red Sox on. Or Habs fan with the Leafs. Certain things are simply not done. Last and most important, Russia is one powerful squad. I would have much rather played the U.S. (since they play a similar style).

As the title implies, Canadians are babies. If not downright tacky. Lordy, lord, lord, imagine if it was Americans booing Canadians. How would we sensitive Canucks reacted if, say , North Dakotans booed us last year for not joining the fight in Iraq? Or course, Americans are smarter and more mature than that. When thousands of Winnipeggers were stranded in North Dakota, Americans opened their hearts and arms to provide them shelter. They then proceeded to cheer Canada in the gold medal game.

Come to think of it, I seem to recall during the World Cup of hockey in 1996 when notorious Philadelphia fans cheered when Canada won in their home building. Credit to the American team. They have taken all this animosity in stride and with class. They have gone on record saying that they will cheer for Canada in the gold medal game.

It means little to Canadians that the wealth and health of this land (culturally, economically and politically) is intimately tied to America. Some Canadians, not all, have lost all sense of perspective and decency when it comes to their American cousins. They have willingly chosen to politicize their relationship with America and in the end we'll end up with Caribou dung on our face. Never mind that we have our own pathetic mess to clean up. They say in life be careful what you wish for. Well, Canada enjoy Russia. They may bring us the silver.

Hockey Canada should apologize immediately.

*NOTE: In the bronze game, unsurprisingly, the Canadian crowd continued their idiocy. With Finland ahead 4-2, Canadians began to shout 'Over-rated, over-rated!' Sad. No class.
**NOTE: In the gold medal game, Canada simply proved too powerful for Russia. They were outstanding and dominant as they defeated their old rivals 5-0. It was a superb display. They deserve full credit. It still doesn't take away, sadly, from how their fans behaved.
***Note: I contacted Hockey Canada suggesting they apologize. While they agreed that it was inappropriate behavior there was little they could do.

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