Max: Self-Unemployed

I know I haven't written much recently but I swear I will be back with more stories and pointless adventures real soon. Insert banjo player from 'Deliverance' here.

For those of you wondering where Jeebies has gone, he is learning how to rope sing in Nunavut. He also sent me a lovely pair of gloves made of caribou fur. His last message said "Me and Igalikuk are busting this joint up like Bad Scooter and the Big Man."

As for me, I've been busy searching for love and legal advice. For purpose and existence. For rare hockey tickets and Charles Lindbergh. For an original Al Jolson recording and honor. For laughter and sorrow. For the Falcon and the Snowman. For a sparrow and a black bird. For Jenna and cold hard cash. For King Arthur and a leader for my country. For lies and for spare change. For truth and dust. For integrity and optimism.

I can feel it somehwere now.

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