An Asinine Atrocious Absurdity of AA/PC

This Manifesto, so popular among pipsqueak intellectuals, is a call against the cultural bacteria known as Affirmative Action and Politcal Correctness, which stand as an oxymoron on the human spirit.

Too many people, of light minds and heavy spineless and bankrupt opinions, have a disproportiante say on what is said and how it is said in our lives. They are attacking and changing our lexicon before our eyes - our thoughts. Interestingly, many enjoy sounding smart by invoking quotes from '1984' to prove that if we don't follow their methods and ways a world not far off from Orwell's character O'Neil will arise. Yet, it is they who are creating this insidious world led by their depraved idiocy.

We are indeed mindless cattle seeking niche identities. We are the servants of the powerful industry with special interest and all its off-shoots - intellectual crooks, petty politicans seeking a moment in the sun and academics that have abandoned their sense of balance - and we are being led straight into an abyss of nothingness.

So it is with this, this sad state of affairs where mindless creeps roam the halls of powers like dead dinosaurs and zombies, I defend myself annd my bretheren:

Gentleman lowers head, removes stylish cap and holds the door for an appealing lady - who he would squirt upon: "Hello, ma'am."

Lady looks back in shock with look of haughty disgust: "I am not a ma'am. I am a lady, sonny boy. Who do you work for? I am going to report you."

Gentleman nervously: "Um, well..."

Lady staring and glaring into his eyes knowing full well she holds all the power: "Well? And where do you come off holding the door for me? Is it because I am a lady? Methinks you think that we ladies are too weak to hold the door for ourselves?"

Gentleman: "No, no. It's not that at all. My mother always taught me to treat a ma'am, er, lady with honor and respect."

Lady: "Your momma did not teach you right, son."

While gentleman is left to scratch his head another woman jumps in and addresses the person of her gender with similar pubic hair. "I could not help but overhear this enlightened conversation. We women need to stick together. However, I do take issue with one thing. You are not a lady but a woman."

Lady with odd logic asserts: "I am most certainly not a woman! Is a Chinese a Chink? No, he is a Chinaman! Just as an I-talian is not a wop but a person of Roman ancestory. Roman-Americans! A black man is named so because of Occidental and accidental white trash scum. He is an African-American! I am a lady."

Gentleman: "Er, I happen to be of Italian heritage, I don't think..."

Woman interrupts: "Woman!"

Lady: "Lady!"

Gentleman interjects and looks at both of them, adjusts his cap and proclaims: "Ah, woman, lady, ma'am. You both aint's nothing but a couple of cunts."

They stand still for a few seconds, with soulless blank stares, and continue.

Lady:"What changes are we going to demand today? We have to rid ourselves of these barbarians that live among us."

Woman: "Yes, we do. Ever notice how no one holds the door for us anymore?"

Lady: "Not with the right intentions anyway. Sigh, could you believe it's been one year since a man asked me out? Creeps they all are."

Woman lights a cigarette. "You said it. They don't make men like Johnny Unitas and Bobby Hull anymore."

Lady: "Sinatra and Bennett."

Woman: "Retards they all are."

Lady: "Don't you mean mentally challenged."

Woman: "Is that what they are calling it now? I can no loner keep track."

Lady sighs and blows the top of her bangs away from her eyes: "What have we done?"

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  1. Anonymous10/26/2005

    Nice. A few months back Neil Cavuto was cursed at by a woman because he held the door open for her.


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