A's Epic Collapse One For The Books

After a 29 year absence from the playoffs, the Kansas City Royals overcame a 7-3 deficit to beat the Oakland A's 9-8 in 12 innings last night.

I'll chalk this one up to 'winning in spite of' given the errors and strange managerial decisions in the game. The Royals were lucky otherwise they would have been, well, royally screwed.

Regardless, this storyline is less significant than the collapse of the Athletics.

On August 9, the A's were leading the AL west division by four games over the Anaheim Angels (of L.A.!) with a 72-44 record and a staggering +173 run differential.
I point out RD because it's an indicator of how dominant a team is. 

They finished the season by going 16-30 from that point on along with a -16 differential barely holding off the Seattle Mariners to make the playoffs.

The reversal of fortune was swift and epic in its collapse.

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