Climate Change Hijacked By Political Left

Let's get one thing straight. Naomi Klein is not an environmentalist. She's an opportunist. She uses capitalism to spring her pseudo-intellectual anti-capitalism screeds to sell books. Since there are more rubes than wise men among us, she makes money. But people buy into her nonsense.

Ditto for Al Gore, David Sukuki (who will not debate real scientists in public including former founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore) and the rest of the shrill, left-wing ideologues who have hijacked environmentalism. These people make money playing enviro-compassionism.

This bunch is so arrogant they believe they can dictate energy policy regardless of what others may think.

How the narrative has spun to become one of blaming capitalism for global warming is beyond me to comprehend but not surprising it took this absurd and pathetic route.

Recall, Dante had place in hell reserved for opportunists.

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