Food Nazis On The Rise

Well, I guess I can scratch Minneapolis off my list of cities I'd ever live in.

Jesus, what the heck is this crap?

"...A law on the books, which voters may very well repeal next month, requires restaurants to prove that food sales make up at least 70 percent of their total food and beverage sales. The law also bans restaurants from serving alcohol to customers who are waiting for a table in the restaurant.

Earlier this year, the city council adopted a City Healthy Food Policy that mandates "healthful food in vending machines, in city cafeterias and at meetings with city-funded food."

The vote was by no means unanimous.

"I'm a little bit mortified that we have a whole staff team that spent god-knows-how-many hours talking about whether or not there could be carrots in a vending machine," said councilwoman Lisa Goodman.

These silly laws hardly appear to be outliers in the city. After all, Minneapolis was the first city in the country to adopt a law, the Staple Foods Ordinance, that requires many small stores—including convenience stores and gas stations—to stock fresh produce and other "healthy" foods. The city adopted these rules in 2008. Violators face fines of $200.

"Now," reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "city officials are looking to double down on their efforts."

Frightening stuff. I'd like to add that people don't go to pharmacies or fricken Dollar Stoes to buy fresh produce. A pharmacy is a pharmacy. It's not their area of expertise and I wouldn't buy from one who is coerced into doing it because they're love is not into it. Why burden businesses with stupidity outside their expertise?

Changing such buying habits isn't easy to alter.

It's retarded policy made by retarded people that's why. People with no business abilities or skills along with ignorant fear-mongering notions of healthy food have the power and we're stuck with these idiots.

Alas, it's not like I haven't warned that the next war would be on healthy food.

We all knew that was coming. Dumbass bureaucrats and interventionists who know jack shit and squat about food were bound to cram it down the throat of others.

We're not that far off from a motion by a politicians demanding private citizens buy and prove they buy healthy foods.

Laugh. Go ahead. It's coming. That along with subsidized healthy foods.


We're just not on a good trajectory on this continent.

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