Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

One benefit of watching The A-Team growing up in the 80s was the useful tactic of distraction to divide and conquer to overcome your enemy.

Every ploy devised by them was based on a distraction.

Government is awesome at this. By design or otherwise. Take the CDC admitting they were taken 'by surprise' by ebola. Now. You would think one of the most quoted government agencies in the American bureaucratic kingdom would sort of kinda be on the ball for such things. But, alas, as we've seen with FEMA, and now the VA and Secret Service as we've discovered (and some would add the Presidency itself),  hacks and incompetent people who shouldn't be running such agencies consistently and spectacularly fail when a crisis hits them.

Canada hasn't been tested all that much so it would be interesting to see the level of preparedness this country has on a constant basis. I'm guessing marginally better - if at all - than the USA. Just guessing. They didn't look overly organized the other day and it was thanks to one awesome guy - Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers - who may as well come out of a comic book there wasn't more bloodshed.

Anyway. It is true we've become so obsessed at micro-managing people's lives we forget the whole purpose of what the mandate of these agencies originally were. Hint: They were not about sugary drinks. Alas, as we've seen, all government bureaucracies expand their duties - called mission drift - usually entering the private realm and attacking private choices. Government agencies NEVER stick to their original mission. EVER. That's why I never believe them when they say 'Oh no, it would never go "there' when we all know 'there' is the end game'.

Someone has to justify their jobs, right?


B-b-but, T.C.! Things change! Change demands more governance!

Laugh. Call me Dale Gribble. I don't care none.

Remember two summers ago it looked like every kid was drowning in backyard swimming pools? People were losing their minds. Talking heads on the radio were talking about permits for swimming pools, stringent measures for fences, one clown even wondered if we should have pools at all (Yes, yes. The 'who needs a big house?!" and 'no one needs that much money!' shrill pseudo-intellectual theory).

This year? Not ONE report.

Rational thought demands patience and thoughtful reflection. Not emotional responses and appeals to authority.

You can't observe an outlier event - e.g. terrorist attack - and go straight to demanding gun control that affects thousands upon thousands of law-abiding people when the statistics simply don't back up such a measure. It's irrational.

Yet guess what the narrative is in the aftermath of Ottawa? More powers to the government and gun policy.


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