NDP Proposes Nationalized Daycare; Bad, BAD Idea

I know this typical of the left-wing NDP but, man oh man, this is a bad idea. It's almost as if they're blind to the corruption and fraud that has infested Quebec's subsidized daycare program. And believe you me, everyone in the know is aware of the racket that is subsidized daycare.

So in comes this bozos and want to increase the potential for fraud at the national level.

But not all is crazy in NDP-land. They want to charge $15 a day. Which is way better than the insanity of $7 in Quebec (where increasing it to a negligible $9 is seen as ravaging the middle class with 'austere' measures - I don't make this shit up; it's how they think). 

Yay! People cheer.

Only problem is it will cost waaaayyyyyy more than that to run and operate and with it will come all the usual union and bureaucratic bull shit that festers in such programs.

Jesus. Just let society run that part of the show. Why must the government get involved in all facets of our lives?

Yeah but T.C. it costs $50 a day to go to daycare! $15 would be so much better!

If you think this way you deserve a helmet to go through life in.

The government will TAX you for the difference or if you prefer the deficit they will incur. And remember, while you have two weeks vacation in the private sector, be prepared for daycare workers to go on strike to get six weeks paid vacation ON YOU DIME.

$15 in Federal/Provincial speak will cost you more than $50.

Now. This is where T.C. places you on his lap or knee and explains to you finance. Would you, an ADULT, presumably filled with pride and dignity; accountability and responsibility, want the money in his or her pocket to manage like an independent individual or do you want to hand your money over to Ms. Pencil Pushing Bureaucrat who could care less about your pockets?

Never mind about the silliness of ravaging your pockets. Nationalized daycare will destroy private daycare whom thousands of people earn their livelihoods.

Yes. This is so moral to do.

I still can't believe in this day and age of high corruption and waste and with all that we know about the state of the welfare apparatus and lack of funds to support it we still look to the government to run our daily lives.

No wonder the West is falling.

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