The Little Evil Town Of Alpine, Texas

Alright, this story about an evil DA, the DEA and the Purple Zone (and its owner Ilana Ipsen) out of Texas is disturbing.

I mean, like, the antagonists (law enforcement) would have no trouble finding a spot in Dante's Inferno.

Oh, but T.C. you being an extremist! Dontcha know we must fight drugs - shadow boxes - to keep our streets safe?

Of course you do. But you don't do it by pulling this crap off.

Worse, it brings out the simmering anti-Semitism so many carry:

"I've received anti-Semitic hate emails. I've been told to 'go back to Jew York.' I've had people come in my store and tell me it was 'fucked up" and that I was poisoning the youth of the town—even though I have a big sign that says '18 and Over' and I have an ID scanner. The bars here in Alpine don't have ID scanners, but I do!" 

Think it's restricted to right-wing hicks? Try again. I've heard and read variations of this logic on progressive sites (of course, the left carries a long and distinguished legacy of anti-semitism culminating into, you know, the Holocaust) along the lines of 'she doesn't deserve that but she gets little sympathy from me for supporting Israel".

One can but just wish there was an Anti-idiot Czar.

I can barely digest the stupidity of people anymore.


This is nothing but an exercise in abuse of power (they've raided this establishment four times in five years without ever finding anything as they stretch the law as far as they possibly could. Heck, they probably even broke it as they even entered a neighbor's apartment without the required papers) equipped with its own cast of characters led by a derelict DA in Rod Ponton. There's a story out there he even forced a local paper to write a story in response to a journalist's work the day previous with her name in the byline.

Right. This guy is all for the people. Right.

If America is a civilized society with a conscience, they put an end to the war on drugs. It's creating a cult of over zealous prosecutors and law officials cracking down on people often ruining lives for little if any practical results.

The destruction on countless lives all for nothing.


All this in Texas unfolded under Obama's watch. Just saying.

Hope and change. Change and hope. Forward. Backwards.

Don't matter.

These are just words in wonderful magnificent Obama the Light Bringer's arsenal.

Always remember. What happened to Ms. Ipsen can happen to any of us. The government has way too much power over citizens. Simple as that.

THIS is the relevant question everyone - regardless of what you think of her business - should be asking.

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