Salon comes up with a lot infantile, vapid stupidity so it's impossible to link to their articles on a daily basis since I wouldn't be able to keep up. However, I can't let this slide:

Let us close, then, by repeating democracy’s first principle: Government exists to help as many as possible.

It's like they just invent things on the fly.

In all my years in political science and history classes in University, on top of endless lectures, essays, periodicals and observations of great philosophers, I've never encountered anyone argue the same as the quote above.

What Frick and Frack are doing in the article is using 'democracy' to dictate policy they want.

They aren't informing in as much as they're engaging in propaganda (notice the appeals to emotion with scary pictures of Scalia, Zimmerman and Koch as if they're destroying their brand of democracy; of what kind who knows? They never really define democracy in any meaningful way.  They just 'use' the word but don't give a shit about it anymore bureaucrats and politicians care about 'the children'.

In this way, they become useful idiots for the state as they seem to espouse the idea of concentrating more power into one person or party - that is, an appeal to authority. Which also means, on social matters, they represent the enablers of the entitlement class. Because the children.

Which is fine if they're feeding this intellectual tripe to their morbidly remedial vapid band of banal readers. If someone takes issue with it, no problem. You're an extremist. Or racist. Or both.

Why, you're even ignorant of the first principle of democracy!

Not so fine when it enters a room filled with less ideologically driven and informed people.

Welcome to 21st century progressivism.

Where the motto is "We wing things Forward"!


Speaking of Frick and Frack:

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