Fall Of The West Reason 39494959966666: Too Much Time On Their Hands Justifying Jobs

Judge in Lenoir City, Tennessee puts woman in prison for...

Not cutting her grass that leads to a messy yard.

Fine. I'm gonna go out and say it.

These people are evil.

My neighbor doesn't keep his yard need at all. It's annoying but I certainly don't feel it's a crime that deserves a fine let alone prison time. The municipal town where I own my business are also pains in the asses mostly because it's a tiny place and they have three or four civil servants driving around in Smart cars maintaining 'order'. If you ask me, the city could save on getting their salaries altogether since most of what they do is utter bull shit that actually graduates into accosting reasonable citizens with threats of fines.

But that's me. I know. I'm in the minority.

We've lost our minds. From taking offense too easily to jokes (the perpetually aggrieved and sour will always stretch the laws of logic to control and even destroy satire and humor), to over reacting to social issues of the day (global warming, rape on campus, ebola etc.) to whatever else you care to insert.

For the children.


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